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  Bestia   (L. Calpurnius Bestia) - Roman consul, 111 B.C.
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120/6 Bestia passes a law to recall Popillius.
111/_ Consuls: P. Cornelius P.f. Scipio Nasica, L. Calpurnius Bestia
111/1a Bestia rejects an embassy from Jugurtha and crosses over to Numidia.
111/6 Bestia agrees to a truce with Jugurtha, allegedly after he and Scauru
109/3 the war against Jugurtha; Bestia, Galba, and others are found guil
90/2 Bestia, Cotta, and Memmius are found guilty under the lex Varia, and
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_128   His colleague L. Bestia, who begun his tribunate very
Cic:DeOr_2.283   sitting as counsel for Bestia, then under impeachment, Gaius
FastCap_p72   Nasica , L. Calpurnius . . . Bestia [110] & M. Minucius
Oros_5.15   then corrupted the consul Calpurnius, who had been dispatched
ValMax_1.8.11   P. Scipio Nasica and L. Bestia were consuls, another time when

  Bestia 2   (L. Calpurnius Bestia) - tribune of the plebs, 62 B.C.
56/5 Cicero defends Bestia against a charge of bribery.

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