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  Bocchus   I - king of Mauretania in the late 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
108/11 Bocchus enters into alliance with Jugurtha.
106/12 Marius defeats the joint forces of Jugurtha and Bocchus.
106/14 Marius defeats Jugurtha and Bocchus in a second battle near Cirta,
106/15 Marius sends Sulla and A.Manlius on a mission to Bocchus.
105/1 Further negotiations between Sulla and Bocchus.
105/2 embassy from Bocchus receives a favourable response at Rome.
105/6 Bocchus seizes Jugurtha and hands him over to Sulla and the Romans.
91/30 statues erected at Rome by Bocchus, king of Mauretania, and over
    Within translations:
Diod_34.39   orious. [39] &   Bocchus, king of Libya, having sharply
Diod_36.1   great battle defeated Bocchus and Jugurtha, the African
Oros_5.15   almost to the last man. Bocchus despaired of any hope of
Oros_5.21   forced Bogudes, the son of Bocchus, who was king of the
ValMax_8.14.4   of bringing Jugurtha from king Bocchus to Marius, that he had

  Bocchus 2   II - king of Mauretania; died in 33 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
41/16 Bocchus, king of Mauretania, attacks Carrinas, the governor of Spain.
38/4 Bocchus drives out Bogud, and establishes himself as king of Mauretan
33/20 Bocchus tries to punish thirty of his elephants.
33/21 Octavianus seizes control of Mauretania after the death of Bocchus.
    Within translations:
Festus:Brev_4   Mauretanias were obtained from Bocchus. But, with all Afri
Plin:HN_5.19   between the Land of Bocchus and the Masaesyli; Quiza
Plin:HN_8.15   in to justice, when King Bocchus tied to stakes thirty elephants

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