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  Bononia   - a Roman colony in northern Italy; the modern Bologna
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  + Bologna
189/18 Latin colony is founded at Bononia.
187/17 CIL_617 and 618, two milestones from the Via Aemilia near Bononia.
104/28 The birth of T.Fullonius of Bononia, who is shown by census returns
89/55 The floruit of the dramatist L.Pomponius of Bononia.
43/101 epidus meet on an island near Bononia, to decide their next actions.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_169   C. Rusticellus of Bononia, an experienced orator, and a
Cic:Fam_12.5   ison with which Antonius holds Bononia is a strong one.
CIL_1.617   und at S. Pietro, not far from Bologna. Marcus Aemi
CIL_1.618   618 [ii] Found near Bologna. Marcus Aemilius
Obseq_26   opening in his anus. At Bononia corn grew on trees. The
Oros_5.6   In the territory of Bononia wheat sprouted forth on trees.
ValMax_8.1.12   far lower degree. Calidius of Bononia, being caught by night in

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