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  Caesareia   Maritima - a city on the coast of Palestine
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Hieron:Chron_2005 Strato's Tower, and renamed it Caesareia in honour of Caes
Joseph:AJ_13.313 or of the same name with that Caesareia which is seated
Joseph:AJ_14.76 mples, and changed its name to Caesareia. All these Pompeiu
Joseph:BJ_01.80 the same name with that Caesareia which lay by the sea-sid
Joseph:BJ_01.156 and had its name changed to Caesareia, by king Herodes.
Joseph:BJ_1.414 cribed to Caesar, and named it Caesareia accordingly. [415]
Malal_224 of Straton's Tower to Caesareia of Palestine, and king
MegTaan_3 memorates the capture of Caesareia by the Hasmoneans; but

  Caesareia 2   Mazaca - a city in Cappadocia
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  + Caesarea
Festus:Brev.11 city in Cappadocia, was named Caesarea in honor of Caesar
Hieron:Chron_2036 hed city of Mazaca was renamed Caesareia, by order of Tibe
Malal_224 changed the name of Mazaca to Caesareia of Cappadocia.

  Caesareia 3   Philippi - a city in northern Palestine, formerly called Paneas
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Hieron:Chron_2041 lding at Paneas and renamed it Caesareia Philippi. He also

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