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  Caieta   (Caietae Portus) - a town in Latium, Italy
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217/41 Carthaginian fleet approaches Caieta in Latium.
69/6 nean, and make raids against Caieta, Ostia, and Misenum on the Italia
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_711   cero was killed at Caieta by a soldier called Popilius,
Cic:DeOr_2.22   gather shells and pebbles at Caieta and Laurentum, and to descend
Hieron:Chron_1975   to some, Cicero was killed at Caieta. [not in Ar.] Ovidiu
Obseq_5   The shrine of Apollo at Caieta was struck by lightning.
ValMax_1.4.6   was at the village of Caieta, a crow struck off the
ValMax_5.3.4   away he ran over-joyed to Caieta; and that very person, I
ValMax_8.8.1   it is certain, that at Caieta and Laurentum, they used to

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