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  Cales   - a city in Campania, Italy
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215/7 while Marcellus is sent to Cales, where new Roman recruits are asse
184/12a P. Claudius recruits further Roman colonists to go to Cales.
86/10 CIL_713, recording the cleaning of an aqueduct at Cales.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.2437   before 220 B.C. at Cales and found in various parts of
CIL_1.2487   Marcus? a household slave; at Cales. On various artic
CIL_1.399   On a small casket. Found near Cales. c. 250 B.C. G
CIL_1.406   Made by Lucius Canuleius of Cales, son of Lucius. C
CIL_1.412   slave of Gaius, made you at Cales. CIL_1 .416 Latin
CIL_1.416   Kaeso Serponius made this at Cales, in the Esquiline
CIL_6.1283   blius], enrolled colonists for Cales; and as consul, [
Oros_4.4   while in the fields of Cales, a flame suddenly burst forth
Plin:HN_3.60   the Falernian and those of Cales. Then rise up Mount Massicus,
Plin:HN_3.63   Bovillae, Caiatiae, Casinum, Calenum, Capitulum of the
ValMax_1.8e.18   another in the territory of Cales, should have so much likeness
ValMax_3.8.1   in chains to Teanum and Cales, into two separate prisons, with
ValMax_3.2e.1   amazement, in the town of Cales, where Fulvius Flaccus had condemned

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