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  Calidius 2   (Q. Calidius) - Roman praetor, 79 B.C.
98/4 cus is recalled from exile, with the help of the tribune Q.Calidius.
82/19 invades Pontus, ignoring instructions brought from Rome by Calidius.
80/21 Metellus supports Q.Calidius, who had helped Metellus' father in exil
77/37 Q.Calidius is brought to trial and convicted, despite his friendship
ValMax_5.2.7   on the behalf of Q. Calidius, candidate for the praetorship because

  Calidius 3   (M. Calidius) - Roman praetor, 57 B.C.
66/26 allius is accused of bribery by Calidius, and is defended by Cicero.
57/52 The floruit of the orator M.Calidius.
51/34 ted for bribery, probably by Calidius, who is himself brought to tria
48/80 The orator M.Calidius dies at Placentia.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_274-278 *   osed. [274] But M. Calidius has a more particular claim
Hieron:Chron_1953   the Greek orator and tutor of Calidius and Augustus, was
Hieron:Chron_1960   960] [not in Ar.] The orator M.Calidius was in his prime.
ValMax_8.10.3   for Gallius. He reproached M. Calidius the accuser, because when he

  Calidius   - in documents
CIL_1.2685 slave-woman of Numerius Calidius Stolia, slave-woma
CIL_1.2702 st: Eros, slave of Gaius Calidius Aulus Mustius Stra

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