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  Callicrates   - a favourite of Ptolemy III, king of Egypt
221/11 Callicrates and Panaretus are favourites of Ptolemy.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.251 his Histories, says that Callicrates was a flatterer of

  Callicrates 2   - archon, 189 B.C.
189/13 list of Delphic proxeni for the year when Callicrates was archon.

  Callicrates 3   - general of the Achaean League, 180 B.C.
180/_ Achaean General: Callicrates
180/9 from the Achaeans, led by Callicrates, and from the Spartan exiles
180/16 Callicrates is elected strategus of the Achaean League.
178/1 inscription put up by the Spartan exiles in honour of Callicrates.
165/5a Popular resentment in Achaea against the policies of Callicrates.
149/39 Callicrates is sent by the Achaean League to oppose the Spartan envoy
    Within translations:
Apollod:Fr_47 Eubulus of Ephesus, the son of Callicrates, [died]. After

  Callicrates 4   - comic poet
Athen_13.586 in his Cleobuline, and Callicrates speaks of her in his

  Callicrates 5   - of Samos; admiral of Ptolemy II
270/18c of Ptolemy and Arsinoē, dedicated by Callicrates at Olympia.
    Within translations:
SelPap_3.104   wind from Italy. Here Callicrates established me and called
Syll_420   (272-266)   tue of the admiral Kallikrates of Samos, the son of

  Callicrates 6   - archon of Delphi, 190/89 B.C.
Syll_585 (197-175)   When the archon was Kallikrates {190/89}, and the

  Callicrates 7   - Athenian orator, 4th century B.C.
DionHal:Din_11 this is entered as the work of Callicrates. For my part

  Callicrates   - in documents
Meleager_12.95 before you and sing, may Callicrates lie on your knee, may
OGIS_59 (163)   teles Demetrios son of De... Kallikrates Apollonios
SEG_58.370 (180-170)   rai the son of Leon, Kallikrates of Leontion the
Syll_322 adates Apollonios son of Kallikrates - by birth son of
Syll_383 (c. 283 and 281)   s, and the councillors were Kallikrates, Apemantos
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   Miletos, the son of Kallikrates ; Sotylos of Aet
Syll_444 (c. 247-240)   os, Lanikos Phokians: Kallikrates [It was resolved
Syll_562 (c. 207/6)   of Amphistratos and Kallikrates son of Iphikrat
Syll_585 (197-175)   f of his year were Kallikrates, Orthaios and D
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   son of Artemidoros Kallikrates son of Apollonios
Syll_600 (201/0)   : Simias son of Kallikrates Aristeas son of Mened
Syll_682 (140/39)   mbers of the council were Kallikrates, Kleon and Me
THI_127 (c. 210)   ates, Timokles son of Kallikrates, Mnasistrotos son
THI_43 (202/1)   p; 100 drachmas   Kallikrates son of Kleumedes
THI_55 (c. 200)   hon, Eutychos son of Kallikrates releases as free
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   citharists:   Kallikrates son of Kallirates Fl
THI_64 (263-236)         Kallikrates of Ambrakia the so

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