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  Callimedon   - "the crab"; an opponent of Phocion
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.242 & First then there was Callimedon the crab; & Then Cobio
Athen_8.338 ghty Zeus, & O you Callimedon, who now will eat you? & No
Athen_14.614 ty." And among them were Callimedon, nicknamed the Crab,
Plut:Phoc_27 itated at this question, Callimedon, surnamed Carabus, a
Plut:Phoc_33 which so much alarmed Callimedon and Pericles that they
Plut:Phoc_35 hen we take that villain Callimedon, let us put him to the

  Callimedon   - in documents
Syll_370 (285/4)   lytos, [the son of Kallimedon]: since previously

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