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  Callippus   - an Athenian who assassinated Dion in 354 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_11.508 Commentaries. And Callippus the Athenian, who was himself
Plut:Mor_176 tyranny, when he heard Callippus, whom of all his friend

  Callippus 2   - an athlete, 4th century B.C.
Plut:Mor_850 the cause of the athlete Callippus, who was accused of car

  Callippus 3   - a pupil of Zenon, 3rd century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.38 Philonides of Thebes; Callippus of Corinth; Poseidonius

  Callippus   - in documents
DionHal:Din_12 emen." 77. Against Callippus, a speech concerning a mine:
SEG_43.212 (c. 200)   as Kallis daughter of Kallippos : 5 drachmas Epicha
Syll_388 (266/5)   son of Pheidyllos Kallippos of Acharnai, the son
THI_99.J (150-100)   century B.C. Kallippos of Kos This inscription, whi

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