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  Cannae   - a village in Apulia, Italy, where Hannibal defeated the Romans in 216 B.C.
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216/10 Hannibal captures Cannae.
216/23 destroys the Roman army at Cannae; Paullus is killed in the battle.
216/25 News of the defeat at Cannae reaches Rome; the senate debates how to
216/31 The Romans refuse to ransom back the prisoners captured at Cannae.
216/38 brings news of the battle of Cannae to Carthage, and shows as proof
212/3 reatment of the survivors of Cannae, after receiving a letter from
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_113 & A'4326 & & The disaster at Cannae. [114] & {117 DF}
Cic:Brut_12 the dreadful defeat near Cannae, first raised its drooping
Ennius:Ann_* 272-276 * the ill-starred fight of Cannae; and how the gods were tur
Plut:Mor_195 the great overthrow at Cannae, he was chosen consul with
Polyaen_6.38.4 ibal led out his army at Cannae, where the plain was sandy

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