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  Cappadocia   - an inland region in eastern Anatolia, to the north of Cilicia
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  + Cappadocian , Cappadocians
322/10 eats and kills Ariarathes of Cappadocia, and appoints Eumenes to
302/25 Seleucus arrives in Cappadocia, where he stops for the winter.
282/32 arathes II expels the Macedonians and regains control of Cappadocia.
254/7 The accession of Ariarathes III of Cappadocia.
219/15 The accession of Ariarathes IV of Cappadocia.
179/2a Inscr_46, a decree of Cos in honour of Ariarathes IV of Cappadocia.
163/12 hes obtains the renewal of the alliance between Rome and Cappadocia.
160/17 embassy from Ariarathes of Cappadocia brings a crown as a symbol
158/2 Orophernes drives Ariarathes out of Cappadocia.
158/11 Ariarathes arrives in Rome after his expulsion from Cappadocia.
157/8 Ariarathes defeats Orophernes, and regains control of Cappadocia.
154/8 Ariarathes of Cappadocia attacks Priene.
115/4a Ariarathes VI of Cappadocia is murdered by Gordius, allegedly at the
114/6a Nicomedes invades Cappadocia, and forces Laodice, the sister of Mithr
101/11 murders Ariarathes and installs his own son as king of Cappadocia.
98/2 Marius visits Cappadocia and other eastern countries.
97/4 rathes VIII is forced out of Cappadocia by Mithridates, and dies soon
96/6 Roman senate decides that Cappadocia and Paphlagonia should become
95/7 propraetor of Cilicia, installs Ariobarzanes as king of Cappadocia.
91/14 Tigranes invades Cappadocia and drives out Ariobarzanes.
90/19 throne of Bithynia, and Ariobarzanes to the throne of Cappadocia.
89/35 Mithridates expels Ariobarzanes from Cappadocia.
79/2 to Rome: the senate orders Mithridates to withdraw from Cappadocia.
77/20 Tigranes invades Cappadocia with an overwhelming force.
76/15 many of the inhabitants are forcibly transported from Cappadocia.
67/26 hridates and Tigranes invade Cappadocia, and expel Ariobarzanes again
64/16 menia Minor, Ariobarzanes in Cappadocia, Aristarchus in Colchis, and
62/8 Ariobarzanes abdicates as king of Cappadocia, in favour of his son.
36/3 ibutes the territory of the kings in Cappadocia, Pontus and Cilicia.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.42 say that all over Cappadocia the bees produce honey witho
Apollod:Fr_79 Megalopolis, Strabo the Cappadocian, Nicolaus of Damascus
Arrian:Fr_1 lotas; Media to Pithon ; Cappadocia, Paphlagonia, and the
Arrian:Fr_9 north of Mount Taurus, Cappadocia was assigned to Nicano
Athen_2.43 too, that the water in Cappadocia never becomes putrid,
Athen_4.129 lver breadbasket full of Cappadocian loaves; some of which
Athen_* 05.212-215 * fluence with the king of Cappadocia, leading them to hope
Athen_6.266 thridates, the tyrant of Cappadocia; and were given up by
Athen_10.440 for a short time king of Cappadocia, disregarded all the
Diod_37.28 commanders. The Cappadocians, on the other hand, were
Euseb]:Chron_61 and wandered amongst the Cappadocians." And again he
Euseb]:Chron_215 [97 A.D.] - Stephanus of Cappadocia, stadion race [At this
Euseb]:Chron_251 against Mithridates in Cappadocia, where 20,000 of his
ExcBarb_33B ule over Paphlagonia and Cappadocia He allowed the islands
FastTr_p108 Armenia, Paphla]gonia, Cappadocia, [Cilicia, Syria, the
Festus:Brev.11 nistered her. The Cappadocians first sought our partnersh
FGrH_252.A restored to [the throne of] Cappadocia: 100 years [85/4
GranLic_30 daughter of Ariarathes king of Cappadocia. 90 Socrates rep
Hieron:Chron_1982 Bucolica [Eclogues], died in Cappadocia. 186.3 . [1983]
Hieron:Chron_2036 was Archelaus of Cappadocia; his kingdom was turned into
Joseph:AJ_13.286 eir advice, as Strabo of Cappadocia attests, when he saith
Joseph:AJ_14.35 [35] Now Strabo of Cappadocia mentions this present in the
Joseph:AJ_14.104 Damascus, and Strabo of Cappadocia, both describe the exp
Joseph:AJ_14.111 particularly Strabo of Cappadocia, who says thus: [112]
Joseph:AJ_14.138 ypt. And Strabo of Cappadocia bears witness to this, when
Julian:Mis_359 not long ago a certain Cappadocian was exiled from here
Just_2.4 ttlement on the coast of Cappadocia, near the river Therm
Just_11.8 ived the day before from Cappadocia, rendered him an objec
Just_13.4 ntic sea, to Lysimachus; Cappadocia and Paphlagonia were
Just_13.6 Ariarathes, king of the Cappadocians, defeated him in a
Just_27.3 es, his father-in-law, king of Cappadocia. Being kindly
Just_29.1 was made king. In Cappadocia, the father of Ariarathes,
Just_35.1 with Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia, for having disdained
Just_37.1 of Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia, who had fallen in tha
Just_37.3 of Pontus, and afterwards of Cappadocia. Fixing his tho
Just_* 38.1-7 * band Ariarathes, king of Cappadocia, he had treacherously
Just_42.2 om. Armenia, from Cappadocia to the Caspian Sea, stretche
Lucian:Macr_13 riarathes, king of Cappadocia, lived eighty-two years, as
Malal_207 ter of Ariarathes, king of the Cappadocians. In the eighth
Malal_223 local states, except for Cappadocia, which was ruled by
Malal_224 name of Mazaca to Caesareia of Cappadocia. This Caesar was
Memn_22 this war was the seizure of Cappadocia. Mithridates gai
Memn_* 25-29 * that the Bithynians and Cappadocia would be ruled by thei
Memn_38 Advancing through Cappadocia, whose ruler Ariobarzanes
Plut:Demetr_4 er, fled that night into Cappadocia; and fate soon accompl
Plut:Eum_* 3-6 * assigned to Eumenes were Cappadocia and Paphlagonia, and
Plut:Eum_* 9-13 * tory of the Orcynians in Cappadocia through the treachery
Plut:Eum_16 Media and Armenia into Cappadocia ; but he could not fix
Polyaen_4.6.6 tigonus was wintering in Cappadocia, three thousand Macedo
Polyaen_7.8.2 een defeated by Cyrus in Cappadocia, in order to make good
Porph:Fr_41 and Lysimachus. Cappadocia and Armenia, Bithynia and
PsCallisth_1.13 Now the rulers of Cappadocia once brought to Philip a pre
PsCallisth_2.11 Syria and Cilicia and Cappadocia and Paphlagonia and
PsCallisth_3.33 Olcias, and Paphlagonia and Cappadocia to Eumenes, the
Sall:Hist_4.60 it forms the border between Cappadocia and Armenia. And
SelPap_1.121 letter from Sempronius from Cappadocia. Salutation
SelPap_2.363 in the 1st eparchy of Cappadocia, but of recent y
SelPap_2.395 rements of the troops in Cappadocia, for one white be
THI_215 where the borders] of Cappadocia, Galatia and Bith

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