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  Capua   - a city in Campania, Italy
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  + Capuans
321/13 The inhabitants of Capua provide clothing and supplies for the Roman
318/38 The Romans intervene in civil discord in Capua.
314/15 aenius is elected dictator to investigate anti-Roman plots at Capua.
216/35 Capua goes over to Hannibal.
216/36 oves Decius Magius, a prominent supporter of the Romans, from Capua.
216/44 Hannibal takes his army back to Capua for the winter.
212/17 The Romans renew the siege of Capua.
211/1 ar, and makes the capture of Capua its main objective for the coming
211/8 Hannibal attacks the Roman army at Capua, but fails to dislodge it.
211/18 proceed with the siege of Capua, but to send troops for the protec
211/23 The Romans capture Capua, and punish their opponents in the city.
211/26 denied a triumph over the Capuans, because he had suppressed a reb
210/3 fire at Rome, allegedly started by disaffected Capuans.
210/4 The Sicilians and Capuans complain to the senate about their treatmen
210/19 Q.Fulvius continues to suppress resistance at Capua.
111/18 CIL_672, a dedication of works at Capua.
110/11 _674, the dedication of a wall at Capua to Spes, Fides, and Fortuna.
108/14 CIL_675, a wall dedicated to Venus at Capua.
106/17 the dedication of walls at Capua, to Ceres and to Castor and Pollux
104/2 Minor slave uprisings at Nuceria and Capua.
98/13 CIL_681, recording the dedication of works for Lares at Capua.
88/61 Sulla sends his army from Rome back to Capua.
86/17 CIL_891, a tessera from near Capua.
84/35 L_683, recording the dedication of a reservoir to Jupiter at Capua.
83/5 M.Brutus founds a colony at Capua.
83/27 Sulla advances against Norbanus at Capua, but Norbanus avoids him.
81/8 veterans at Aleria, Arretium, Capua, Faesulae, Suessula, and Urbana.
73/8 ape from a training school at Capua; the start of Spartacus' revolt.
58/12 L.Piso visits Capua, where he hold the office of duumvir.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_317   2120 , & U'11 & & Postumius of Capua goes to Athens. [318]
Athen_6.272   tor, having escaped from Capua, a city of Italy, about the
Athen_11.466   seen, dedicated to Artemis in Capua, in Campania ; it was
Athen_11.489   to-day in the city of Capua, in Campania, - a cup
Athen_12.528   that the inhabitants of Capua in Campania, having become
Athen_15.688   that made at Neapolis and Capua is also very fine. That
Cic:Att_7.21   tribune came to Capua, and brought an order to the cons
Cic:Att_7.24   his friend Lucretius at Capua announced that Nigidius,
CIL_1.1581   ext Dedication to Juno Lucina. Capua. An altar dedic
CIL_1.1588   Latin Text Caesellia Hymnis. Capua. Here are placed
CIL_1.1591   Gaius Fulmonius Metrophanes. Capua. Here are placed
CIL_1.1596   Octavius. Naples or possibly Capua. Here are laid
CIL_1.1600   .1600 Latin Text Pescennia. Capua. Here are laid
CIL_1.1603-1606 *   On a marble tablet found at Capua. Hexameters. c. 8
CIL_1.2489   a mould for paterae, found a Capua: now in the Bri
CIL_1.2506   to accommodation for shows at Capua. c. 106-92 B.C.?
CIL_1.638   the road from Regium to Capua and on that road placed
CIL_1.682   erculaneus in the territory of Capua. On a pedestal f
CIL_1.891   IL_1 .891 (iv) Near Capua? 86 B.C. Spurious?
Diod_36.2   The second was at Capua where two hundred rose up in arms
Diod_36.2a   second was around Capua, when two hundred slaves joined
Ennius:Ann_288-290 *   uring the siege of Capua, Hannibal marches on Rome, 211
Euseb]:Chron_279   cities which he named Capua, after Capys, his great-gra
FGrH_252.A   defeated Norbanus near Capua, and after shutting up the
Hieron:Chron_1805   in Ar.] The Romans captured Capua, and conquered Sicily
Nepos_23.5   days and was returning to Capua, the Roman dictator Quintus Fabius
Obseq_14   At Capua the sun was seen at
Obseq_57   During the Sullan period, between Capua and Vulturnum a mighty sound
Oros_4.17   Fulvius, the proconsul, captured Capua. The leaders of the
Oros_5.24   school of Gnaeus Lentulus at Capua. Under the leadership of Crixus
Oros_6.15   band of slaves, to carry Capua by assault. Bibulus died from
Plin:HN_3.43   and passing through Rome and Capua in a winding course to
Plin:HN_3.63   Inland are the following colonies: Capua, so named from its forty
Plin:HN_7.176   and apportioning lands at Capua a person being carried
Plin:HN_33.164   by the entire Seplasia of Capua }. Nevertheless I have found
ValMax_2.3.3   when Fulvius Flaccus besieged Capua. For when our cavalry,
ValMax_2.8.4   first of whom having taken Capua, and the latter having forced
ValMax_3.2.20   besieged the Roman army in Capua, Vibius Acceus, prefect of a
ValMax_3.8.1   at that time had captured Capua, which through the false promises
ValMax_3.7e.6   the Punic victory at Cannae, Capua taken, and all Italy ravaged,
ValMax_5.1.1   meet him as far as Capua: and ordered that the best
ValMax_5.2.1   the Second Punic For when Capua was besieged by Fulvius, there
ValMax_6.4.1   consuls ought to belong to Capua, and the other to Rome:
ValMax_7.6.2   of the nearby city of Capua, which with its delights fostered
ValMax_9.5e.4   this custom was observed in Capua for a considerable time, is

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