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  Carbo   (C. Papirius Carbo) - Roman consul, 120 B.C.
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131/6 Scipio Aemilianus opposes C.Carbo's bill for the re-election of tribu
131/15 C.Carbo passes the Lex Papiria, which extends the secret ballot in
130/15 on the agrarian commission are filled by Carbo and Fulvius Flaccus.
120/_ Consuls: P. Manilius P.f., C. Papirius Carbo
120/2 to death without trial, but he is defended by Carbo, and acquitted.
119/9 Carbo is an outstanding public speaker, and improves his delivery by
119/10 C.Carbo is brought to trial by L.Crassus, and commits suicide.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_96   was carefully studied by C. Carbo and Tib. Gracchus,
Cic:Brut_103-106 *   Crassus. [103] & As to Caius Carbo and T. Gracchus, I
Cic:Brut_159   ime. He accused C. Carbo, though a man of great eloquence,
Cic:Brut_296   noticing. [296] Carbo too was mentioned as one of our
Cic:Brut_333   his two juniors Lepidus and Carbo. But, in a public har
Cic:DeOr_1.154   which I knew that Gaius Carbo, my adversary, ** generally practised;
Cic:DeOr_2.9   of Servius Galba or Gaius Carbo, concerning which I should be
Cic:DeOr_2.106   as when the consul, Gaius Carbo, in my hearing, defended the
Cic:DeOr_2.165   we may express ourselves like Carbo : 'If he be a
Cic:DeOr_2.170   a young man: 'Although, Carbo, you defended Opimius, this
Cic:DeOr_3.28   Laelius smoothness, Galba asperity, Carbo something of fluency and
Cic:Tusc_1.5   man: then succeeded the Lepidi, Carbo, and Gracchi, and so many
CIL_1.643   Tiberius; Gaius Papirius Carbo, son of Gaius; Board of
CIL_1.644   Tiberius; Gaius Papirius Carbo, son of Gaius; Board of
ValMax_6.2.3   and found them patiently suffering. Carbo, tribune of the plebs who
ValMax_6.5.6   brought an accusation against Cn. Carbo, who was his greatest enemy;

  Carbo 3   (Cn. Papirius Carbo) - Roman consul, 113 B.C.
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  + Papirius
115/4b 260, a statue of Cn.Papirius Carbo dedicated by Antiochus VIII of Syr
113/_ nsuls: C. Caecilius Q.f. Metellus Caprarius, Cn. Papirius C.f. Carbo
113/8 The Cimbri arrive in Illyricum and defeat Cn. Carbo.
113/18 Cn.Papirius sells and leases out land in the Roman province of Africa
111/15 Cn.Carbo commits suicide after being brought to trial by M.Antonius.
    Within translations:
Cic:DeOr_1.40   Aemilius Porcina, and Gnaeus Carbo himself, whom you defeated
CIL_1.2504   in the consulship of Gnaeus Papirius and Gaius Caec
Diod_34.37   in Gaul. [37] &   . . . of Carbo and Silanus. After
OGIS_260   (116/5)   tue of Gnaeus Papirius Carbo, [the son of Gaius], t

  Carbo 6   (C. Papirius Carbo Arvina) - tribune of the plebs, 90 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
94/13 C.Carbo is treated kindly by L.Crassus, the governor of Gaul.
90/35 The tribune C.Carbo speaks out against the policies of M.Drusus.
89/46 Papirius Carbo passes a law which sets the weight of an as at half
82/15 massacre of his opponents at Rome, including C.Carbo and Scaevola.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_221   our subject,- C. Carbo, of the same age, was likewise
Cic:Brut_227   eminence were left but Carbo and Pomponius, from each
Cic:Brut_305   utterance: but Q. Varius, C. Carbo, and Cn. Pomponius,
Cic:Brut_308   nius not so frequently,- Carbo very seldom,- and Philippus
Cic:Brut_311   three orators, Scaevola, Carbo, and Antistius;- the return
Cic:DeOr_3.10   the cruel death of Gaius Carbo, his greatest enemy, that occurred
Oros_5.20   to death Q. Scaevola, C. Carbo, L. Domitius, and P. Antistius,
Schol:Bob_175   the consuls Silvanus and Carbo passed a law, that that any
ValMax_3.7.6   into which province came Carbo, whose father he had
ValMax_9.2.3   and the headless body of Carbo Arvina was dragged about, nailed

  Carbo 7   (Cn. Papirius Carbo) - Roman consul, 85 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Papirius
92/16 ncerning a complaint made by the consul C.Claudius against Cn.Carbo.
89/21 Carbo defeats the Lucanians.
87/19 Cinna, Carbo, Sertorius, and Marius surround Rome with their forces.
85/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna (III), Cn. Papirius Cn.f. Carbo
85/27 Cinna and Carbo appoint themselves consuls for the following year,
84/_ Consuls: Cn. Papirius Cn.f. Carbo (II), L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna (IV)
84/3 Cinna and Carbo make preparations for the war against Sulla.
84/15 Carbo withdraws his army from Liburnia.
84/29 Carbo plans to seize hostages from the Italian cities, but is stopped
84/30 Verres, as quaestor, deserts Carbo and goes over to Sulla with a larg
82/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f., Cn. Papirius Cn.f. Carbo (III)
82/22 indecisive battle between Sulla and Carbo at Clusium.
82/30 Carbo flees to Africa, and the remains of his army are crushed by Pom
82/46 Pompeius captures and kills Carbo.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_670   &   L. Cinna (IV) and Cn. Papirius (II). & In the yea
Cic:Brut_223   have also remarked, that Cn. Carbo, M. Marius, and sever
CIL_1.683   consulship of Gnaeus Papirius Carbo. CIL_1 .688 Latin
CIL_1.892   hip of Lucius Cinna and Gnaeus Papirius. CIL_1 .893 L
Exsuper_30   out an ally, substituted Carbo for Cinna, to be his collea
Exsuper_31   army against Marius and Carbo, and the Roman armies fough
Exsuper_52   killed in the battle and Carbo fled, giving up the struggl
FastCap_p74   III , Cn. Papirius Cn.f. C.n. Carbo [84] & Cn. Papirius
GranLic_17   inna, with Sertorius and Papirius as his officers, 10 and
GranLic_32   was the brother of Cn.Carbo], whom Sulla had put in cha
Oros_5.19   were given to Marius; Cn. Carbo was placed in command of
Oros_5.20   inflicted heavy losses upon Carbo's cavalry. 6 The greatest
Oros_5.21   should all be killed. 11 Carbo, who was attempting to flee
Oros_5.24   of Cinna, in Africa, Carbo in Cossura and Sicily,
Plin:HN_7.68   in consequence, and Gnaeus Papirius Carbo. In the regal period this
Plin:HN_7.158   of Gaius Marius and Gnaeus Carbo {82 BC} 91 years before,
Plin:HN_7.165   of Gaius Marius and Gnaeus Carbo (the latter's third) {82 BC}
Plin:HN_8.221   and the death of General Carbo by gnawing at the puttees
ValMax_5.3.5   silent, the death of Cn. Carbo, by whom you were protected
ValMax_6.2.10   at the time when Cn. Carbo the consul caused a decree
ValMax_6.2.8   your cruelty. I saw Cn. Carbo, a keen defender of your
ValMax_7.6.4   of C. Marius and Cn. Carbo, who fought against Sulla in
ValMax_9.13.2   [13.2]   Cn. Carbo is also a great blot
ValMax_9.7m.3   C. Carbo, the brother of Carbo the three times consul, when

  Carbo 8   (C. Papirius Carbo) - brother of the consul of 85 B.C.; killed in 80 B.C.
80/16 ure Volaterrae after a long siege, during which C.Carbo is murdered.
    Within translations:
GranLic_32   killed the ex-praetor Carbo [he was the brother of Cn.C
ValMax_9.7m.3   the army that killed C. Carbo, the brother of Carbo the

  Carbo 9   (C. Papirius Carbo) - Roman praetor, 62 B.C.
67/44 M.Cotta is prosecuted by Carbo, and convicted for looting Heracleia
58/32 M.Cotta prosecutes C.Carbo, who is found guilty of extortion as gover
    Within translations:
Memn_39   and then sat down. Carbo stood up and exclaimed, "Cotta,
ValMax_5.4.4   made an accusation against Cn. Carbo, who had condemned his father;

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