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  Carrinas   (C. Carinas or Carrinas) - Roman praetor, 82 B.C.
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82/5 Metellus defeats Carinas by the river Aesis.
82/23 Pompeius defeats Carinas near Spoletium, and then ambushes a detachme
81/3 lius), Baebius, Q.Caecilius, Carrinas, Damasippus, Cn.Decidius, Fidus
Oros_5.20   destroyed the forces of Carrinas and captured his camp,
Oros_5.21   Sulla also had the praetor Carrinas murdered. He then set out

  Carrinas 2   (C. Carrinas) - Roman consul, 43 B.C.
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50/62a Metellus Nepos names Carrinas as his sole heir.
45/43a Caesar sends C.Carinas to pursue Sex.Pompeius, who is gathering rebel
41/16 occhus, king of Mauretania, attacks Carrinas, the governor of Spain.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p80   place and then resigned , C. Carrinas C.f. . . - elected
FastTr_p110   bout 17 lines lost] [28] & [C. Carrinas C.f. ..., proconsu
ValMax_7.8.3   were then very numerous, left Carrinas as his sole heir; nor

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