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  Carthago   Nova - a city on the east coast of Spain; the modern Cartagena
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  + Cartagena , Carthage
228/16 Hasdrubal founds the city of Carthago Nova.
219/1 Roman embassy to Hannibal at Carthago Nova.
218/14 Hannibal leaves Carthago Nova.
209/3 Scipio captures Carthago Nova.
209/5 News of the capture of Carthago Nova reaches Rome.
75/10 Sertorius' forces besiege Carthago Nova.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.2269   Dedication at New Carthage in Spain. F
CIL_1.2273   tin Text Plotia, a slave-girl. Carthago Nova in Spain.
CIL_1.2274   Latin Text Lucius Sulpicius. Carthago Nova, Spain. E
CIL_1.2397   of lead found in a mine near Cartagena in Spain. Ma
Ennius:Ann_256   nnibal advances from Carthago Nova (218 B.C.) : SERVIUS auc
Just_44.3   those parts where New Carthage now stands, and, passing
NicDam_127.25   his they had to sail for Carthago Nova, and arrangements
NicDam_127.26   Caesar duly arrived at Carthago Nova, intending to meet
Oros_4.18   assault he captured New Carthage, where the Carthaginians had

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