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  Casius   - a mountain on the coast of Egypt, east of Pelusium
DARE (map)
Porph:Fr_49a tween Pelusium and Mount Casius, the generals of Ptolemaeu

  Casius 2   - a mountain on the coast of Syria, south of Antioch
DARE (map)
  + Casian
AnthPal_6.332 HADRIAN & { F 1 } & To Casian Zeus & did Trajan, the
Julian:Mis_361 from the temple of Zeus Casius, thinking that at Daphne,
Malal_199 eleucus went up to Mount Casius in order to sacrifice to
Malal_207 opposite [the temple] of Zeus Casius. Then Judas cleansed
SEG_49.1943 (c. 197)   ng dedicated this to Zeuz Kasios. Attalus' home pag

  Casius 3   of Elis - an owner of female slaves, 4th cetury B.C.
Athen_13.593 womenn were the slaves of Casius the Elean, with many other

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