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  Cenomani   - a tribe in Cisalpine Gaul
Wikipedia entry
225/3 The Veneti and Cenomani are persuaded by a Roman embassy to support
197/14 Cethegus defeats the Insubres and Cenomani near the river Mincius.
187/11 bukes the praetor M.Furius for an unprovoked attack on the Cenomani.
    Within translations:
CIL_6.31630   rnelius Cethegus . . . and the Cenomani . . . their le
Oros_4.20   Insubres, the Boii, and the Cenomani united their forces under the

  Cenomani 2   (Aulerci Cenomani) - a tribe in north-west Gaul
Wikipedia entry
Plin:HN_4.107   Eburovices and those named Cenomani ), Meldi (free), Parisii,

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