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  Chersonese   (Thracian Ch.) - a peninsula by the Hellespont, now called Gallipoli
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  + Cherronesus , Chersonesian , Chersonesus
300/13 in Greece, and sails to the Chersonese in order to attack Lysimachus
    Within translations:
AnthPal_9.786 The places are in the Thracian Chersonese. [790] Antipater
Arrian:Fr_1 pe, Thrace and the Chersonese, together with the countries
Arrian:Fr_9 terus, starting from the Chersonese, crossed the Hellespon
Athen_8.333 trates, says that in the Chersonesus it once rained fish
Euseb]:Chron_233 king of Thrace and the Chersonese, and now overran the
Just_9.1 and stormed some towns of the Chersonese. He also sent
Just_17.1 the Hellespont and the Chersonese; but the chief effect
OGIS_330 (145)   regions around the Chersonese and Thrace, in fulfil
Philoch_144 ships near Loryma in the Chersonese, and from their he une
Plut:Demetr_31 he then sailed to the Chersonesus, and by the ravages
Plut:Eum_1 a poor waggoner in the Chersonesus, and yet that he had
Plut:Eum_18 matter if an execrable Chersonesian, who has harassed
Plut:Phoc_14 order to seize at once on the Chersonesus, Perinthus, and
Polyaen_3.9.44 war with Abydus, he halted at Cherronesus. After choosing
Polyaen_7.38.1 the coastal districts of Chersonesus, Seuthes hired two

  Chersonese 2   (Tauric Ch.) - a peninsula on the north of the Black Sea, now called Crimea
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  + Chersonesus
Memn_34 abitants of the Scythian Chersonese and Theodosia and the
Polyaen_8.56.1 nhabitants of the Tauric Chersonesus, who had been greatly

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