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  Cornelius   - a Roman knight, living in Euboea, 1st century B.C.
93/11 Socrates goes to stay with Cornelius on Euboea, after failing to gain
    Within translations:
GranLic_30 where he stayed with a certain Cornelius, a Roman knight.

  Cornelius 2   (Cornelius Phagita) - an officer of Sulla, who was bribed by Julius Caesar
81/13 after antagonising Sulla, and avoids capture by bribing Cornelius.

  Cornelius 3   (C. Cornelius) - tribune of the plebs, 67 B.C.
72/41 C.Cornelius serves as quaestor under Pompeius.
72/46 ree of Mesambria in honour of C.Cornelius, an officer of M.Lucullus.
67/23 urnia, initially proposed by C.Cornelius, introduces measures to comb
67/37 senate rejects a proposal of Cornelius, to ban high-interest loans
67/38 Cornelius passes a law which restricts the power of the senate to gra
67/39 Cornelius passes a law which forces praetors to conform to the terms
67/40 Cornelius proposes various other laws, but they are vetoed by the oth
66/43 but they abandon the trial after a riot by Cornelius' supporters.
65/6 C.Cornelius is again accused of treason, but he is defended by Cicero
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_271   in defence of C. Cornelius, and who was a methodical,
ValMax_8.5.4   threaten the life of C. Cornelius, who was accused of treason,

  Cornelius 4   (C. Cornelius) - one of Catilina's conspirators, who attempted to kill Cicero
63/55 C.Cornelius and L.Vargunteius fail in an attempt to kill Cicero at

  Cornelius 5   (Q. Cornelius) - Roman quaestor, 44 B.C.
Ennius:Ann_300 L & [300-5] & M.Cornelius and P.Sempronius consuls, 204
Joseph:AJ_14.219 intus Rutilius and Caius Cornelius were quaestors, and tak
Sall:Hist_1.48 Picenum and the clerk Cornelius may squander the goods

  Cornelius   - in documents
AnthPal_5.117 MACCIUS & { Ph 2 } & Cornelius' beauty melts me ; but
AnthPal_9.411 CIUS & { Ph 3 } & Cornelius is changed all of a sudden,
CIL_1.22 by Quintus . . ., and Publius Cornelius. CIL_1 .24 L
CIL_1.1638 Gaius. CIL_1 .1638 Latin Text Cornelius Diphilus and
CIL_1.674 Vibius Rufus, son of Marcus Cornelius Cori[. .], son
CIL_1.978 ssius freedman of Gaius, Titus Cornelius, freedman of
CIL_1.981 Lucius, wife of Gnaeus Cornelius son of Aulus, built
SelPap_2.241 rch, and Achilles son of Cornelius, the townsmen stan
SelPap_2.254 dorus, have sealed. I, Publius Cornelius Amm . . .,
SelPap_2.342 rachmae ; Mysthes son of Cornelius owning land at Ptol
Syll_322 son of Chionis Marcus Cornelius Capito son of Mar
Syll_705 (112)   , passed when Publius Cornelius was consul, whereby

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