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  Cotta   (C. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 252 B.C.
252/_ Consuls: C. Aurelius L.f. Cotta, P. Servilius Q.f. Geminus
252/6 Cotta captures Himera.
252/7 Cotta captures Lipara, despite a defeat suffered by P.Aurelius (? or
252/11 some of the knights, after Cotta complains that they disobeyed his
251/4 The triumph of Cotta, over the Carthaginians and Sicilians.
248/_ Consuls: C. Aurelius L.f. Cotta (II), P. Servilius Q.f. Geminus (II)
    Within translations:
FastCap_p56 [252] & C. Aurelius L.f. C.n. Cotta , P. Servilius Q.f.
FastTr_p100 Aurelius L.f. C.n. Cotta, consul, & over the Carthaginians

  Cotta 2   (C. Aurelius Cotta) - magister equitum, 231 B.C.
FastCap_p58 Aurelius M.f. M.n. Cotta - in order to hold elections cens

  Cotta 3   (C. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 200 B.C.
  + Aurelius
200/_ suls: P. Sulpicius Ser.f. Galba Maximus (II), C. Aurelius C.f. Cotta
200/25 CIL_610, a dedication by C.Aurelius.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.610 .610 C. Aurelius, praetor urbanus in 202 B.C.,
Ennius:Ann_325 by lot to Sulpicius, Gaul to Cotta. [326] & Sextus Aeliu
FastCap_p62 mus II , C. Aurelius C.f. C.n. Cotta & [p64] [199] & L.

  Cotta 6   (L. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 144 B.C.
154/15 The tribune L.Cotta is criticized by his colleagues for not repaying
144/_ Consuls: Ser. Sulpicius Ser.f. Galba, L. Aurelius L.f. Cotta
138/29 L.Cotta is accused by Scipio Aemilianus of taking bribes, but he
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_81 the defence of L. Cotta, when he was accused by Africanus
Cic:Brut_82 Fannius. [82] L. Cotta himself was likewise reckoned an
FastCap_p70 Galba , L. Aurelius L.f. C.n. Cotta [143] & Ap. Claudius

  Cotta 7   (L. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 119 B.C.
119/_ Consuls: L. Caecilius L.f. Metellus, L. Aurelius Cotta
119/1 ibune C.Marius passes a voting law, despite the opposition of Cotta.
119/7 Cotta and Metellus defeat the Segestani.

  Cotta 8   (L. Aurelius Cotta) - tribune of the plebs, 95 B.C.
Cic:Brut_137 tulus. [137] & L. Cotta likewise, a man of praetorian ran

  Cotta 9   (C. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 75 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Aurelius
124/8 The birth of the orators Cotta and Sulpicius.
90/2 Bestia, Cotta, and Memmius are found guilty under the lex Varia, and
76/14 Elections at Rome: Cicero, Cotta, and Hortensius are elected to vario
75/_ Consuls: L. Octavius Cn.f., C. Aurelius M.f. Cotta
75/17 Cotta makes a speech at an assembly of the people, following a corn
75/34 Cotta formally confirms Hiempsal's right to some disputed territory.
75/35 Cotta passes a law to lift some of the restrictions on the political
75/36 Cotta passes another law, concerning private lawsuits.
73/3 C.Cotta dies before he is able to celebrate a triumph.
73/31 returns to Rome after being appointed pontifex in place of C.Cotta.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_115 ccordingly did. C. Cotta, indeed, who was his nephew, made
Cic:Brut_182 orary with each other, were C. Cotta, P. Sulpicius, Q. Var
Cic:Brut_183 [183] & Of these, Cotta and Sulpicius, both in my opinion
Cic:Brut_189 time of my youth, when Cotta and Hortensius were in such
Cic:Brut_* 201-207 * I, "took its rise from Cotta and Sulpicius, whom I menti
Cic:Brut_215 that either Sulpicius or Cotta, or any other speaker of
Cic:Brut_217 Titinia, the daughter of Cotta, when he attempted to reply
Cic:Brut_227 ulpicius was dead; Cotta and Curio were abroad; and no ple
Cic:Brut_259 acy of his accent. Cotta, who, by his broad pronunciation,
Cic:Brut_297 what you have said of Cotta and Sulpicius, and but very
Cic:Brut_* 301-305 * appeared in the time of Cotta and Sulpicius, (who were
Cic:Brut_311 ntistius;- the return of Cotta, Curio, Crassus, Pompeius,
Cic:Brut_317 hen pre-eminent; (I mean Cotta and Hortensius) whose glory
Cic:Brut_318 for the quaestorship, Cotta for the consulate, and Hort
Cic:Brut_333 and Crassus; and then Cotta, Sulpicius, Hortensius, and
CIL_11.1832 ued his colleague {Cotta} from a siege, after he had
FastCap_p76 C.n. , C. Aurelius M.f. . . Cotta [74] & L. Licinius
Sall:Hist_2.40 sdom. & Then L.Octavius and C.Cotta became consuls [75
Sall:Hist_2.44 &   A few days later Cotta changed his clothing, givin
Sall:Hist_2.82 decreed by the senate, Cotta taking Hither Gaul and Octa
Sall:Hist_3.34 ive than fear that Gaius Cotta, a consul chosen from the
THI_215 avius and Gaius Aurelius Cotta {75 B.C.}; [whatever is

  Cotta 10   (M. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 74 B.C.
74/_ Consuls: L. Licinius L.f. Lucullus, M. Aurelius M.f. Cotta
74/9 M.Cotta repeals his brother's law concerning lawsuits.
73/4 Mithridates' generals defeat the Romans under Cotta near Chalcedon.
73/11 Lucullus rescues Cotta by raising the siege of Chalcedon.
73/35 Cotta dismisses Oppius from his post as pro-quaestor.
72/54 Cotta advances to Heracleia and starts to besiege the city.
70/13 Cotta and Triarius capture Heracleia, after it is abandoned by Connac
67/44 M.Cotta is prosecuted by Carbo, and convicted for looting Heracleia
    Within translations:
FastCap_p76 ucullus , M. Aurelius M.f. . . Cotta [73] & M. Terentius
Memn_27 the senate sent Aurelius Cotta to Bithynia and Lucius Lucu
Memn_29 the Romans. [29] Cotta wanted to make amends for his ear
Memn_* 32-36 * are as follows. Cotta marched with the Roman army again
Memn_39 menians. [39] When Cotta arrived at Rome, he was honoured
Sall:Hist_2.82 cius Lucullus and Marcus Cotta [74 B.C.], who were greatly
Sall:Hist_4.67 war and routed Marcus Cotta, the Roman general, on land

  Cotta 11   (L. Aurelius Cotta) - Roman consul, 65 B.C.
70/25 The praetor L.Aurelius Cotta passes a law which reforms the compositi
66/32 orm an abortive plot against Cotta and Torquatus, the newly elected
65/_ Consuls: L. Aurelius M.f. Cotta, L. Manlius L.f. Torquatus
57/1 January -R} L.Cotta urges the senate to recall Cicero, but the mot
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_12.2 my dear friend L.Cotta, yielding to a sort of irresistib
Nepos:Att_4 lship, as I believe, of Lucius Cotta and Lucius Torquatus
Schol:Bob_91 tiny number of votes. For L.Cotta . . . He proposed the

  Cotta 12   (M. Aurelius Cotta) - the son of the consul of 74 B.C.
58/32 M.Cotta prosecutes C.Carbo, who is found guilty of extortion as gover

  Cotta 13   (L. Aurunculeius Cotta) - an officer of Julius Caesar in Gaul, killed in 54 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
54/49 Cotta and Sabinus are ambushed and their army is destroyed by Ambiori
    Within translations:
Athen_6.273 servants altogether, as Cotta, who at that time acted as

  Cotta 14   - commander of a Roman naval squadron, 80 B.C.
80/10 Sertorius defeats Cotta in a naval battle near Mellaria.

  Cotta 15   (? Publius Cotta) - an ignorant Roman lawyer, 1st century B.C.
  + Popilius
Plut:Mor_205 He had summoned Popilius Cotta, an ignorant blockhead

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