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  Crinagoras   of Mytilene - Greek poet, during the reign of the emperor Augustus
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Crinag_5.119 19] & { G-P 1 } & Crinagoras, though you toss now to the
Crinag_6.227 rapidly written page, Crinagoras sends you, Proclus,
Crinag_6.229 the teeth after dinner, Crinagoras, your devoted friend,
Crinag_6.261 this is your birthday, Crinagoras sends me with the rejo
Crinag_7.371 and the obedient servant of Crinagoras. * & I take this
Crinag_9.284 olonists were freedmen ; Crinagoras speaks of them as if
Crinag_9.516 the year 27 B.C. Crinagoras accompanied Augustus on his
Philip_4.2 and like an ear of corn, Crinagoras like a cluster of ivy-

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AnthPal_7.227 mountains, as was Micon's son Crinagoras in the clash of

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