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  Curius   (M'. Curius) - the protagonist in a famous court case at Rome, 1st century B.C.
96/12 case, over an inheritance disputed between M'.Curius and M.Coponius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_144 the cause of M'. Curius, which was tried before the cent
Cic:Brut_195 rove, that, as M'. Curius was left heir to the estate only
Cic:Brut_197 itance should devolve to Curius:- that most people in a
Cic:Brut_256 Crassus, in defence of Curius, than be honoured with two

  Curius 2   (Q. Curius) - a senator who took part in the conspiracy of Catilina, 63 B.C.
70/36 the senate, removing C.Antonius, Q.Curius, P.Lentulus and others.
63/4 of his colleague Antonius, and of Fulvia, the mistress of Q.Curius.

  Curius 3   (M'.Curius) - a friend of Atticus and Cicero, 1st century B.C.
46/55 7.28 & 9.19-20, letters from Cicero to M'.Curius and Papirius Paetus.
45/56 am_7.29 & 13.7, letters from M'.Curius to Cicero and from Cicero
44/15 Cic:Fam_7.30 & 13.50, letters from Cicero to Curius and Acilius.
44/25 Cic:Fam_7.31, a letter from Cicero to Curius.

Curiussee Dentatus

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