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  Cynics   - a sect of Greek philosophers
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  + Cynic , Cynicism
306/7 Demetrius of Phalerum meets the Cynic philosopher Crates at Thebes.
285/12 The death of the Cynic philosopher Crates.
270/5 Sayings of Metrocles the Cynic philosopher.
    Within translations:
AntipSid_7.413 man, but the manly life of the Cynics. Nor do tunics faste
Archias_7.68 14 } & On Diogenes the Cynic O boatman of Hades, conveyo
Athen_4.162 Love of Sphodrias the Cynic, and the Amatory Conversati
Athen_4.163 not a man like you, you Cynic, who never sacrificed to
Athen_6.268 noy you, (for as for the Cynics I do not care the least
Athen_10.422  And Crates the Cynic, as Sosicrates tells us in his
Athen_13.588 orator, and Diogenes the Cynic: and it was also said that
Athen_13.591 when Crates the Cynic saw it, he called it "a votive
Athen_13.612 upon you and the rest of the Cynics. >> Athenaeus:
Athen_14.629 the World', which Menippus the Cynic mentions in his Banqu
Athen_14.664 And Menippus the Cynic, in his book called Arcesilaus,
Demetr:Eloc_170 free-livers. The Cynic humour is, for the most part, of
Demetr:Eloc_259 so in comedies; and all the Cynic manner is of this cha
Demetr:Eloc_261 that every variety of Cynic speech reminds you of a dog
DiogLaert_7.3 for the shamelessness of the Cynics. On which account,
DiogLaert_7.17 it." And when some Cynic one day said that he had
DiogLaert_7.121 that he will become a Cynic; for that Cynicism is a sho
DiogLaert_7.131 lic, and by Diogenes the Cynic, and by Plato; and then,
DiogLaert_10.8 ntidorus, Samidorus; the Cynics he called the enemies of
DiogLaert_10.119 will he become a Cynic (as he says in his second book
Plut:Mor_182 the rabble ? & Thrasyllus the Cynic begged a drachma of
Plut:Mor_847 sion. Diogenes the Cynic seeing him one day in a tavern,

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