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  Cynulcus   - one of the speakers in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus
Athen_6.270   to the dogs. And Cynulcus rejoined,- If I had been invit
Athen_8.354   could eat cold dishes, Cynulcus said,- But I, like the
Athen_13.566   naked. [21.] And Cynulcus said:- And do you dare to talk
Athen_13.571   in green [571] And as Cynulcus had still a good deal
Athen_13.573   will now mention to you, Cynulcus, an Ionian story (spinni
Athen_13.587   imum, as you call her, O Cynulcus, in his second oration
Athen_13.599   son so mad about love as Cynulcus, with his calumnious spi
Athen_13.602   ention. But you, O Cynulcus, believe that all these storie
Athen_13.610   arvelling at his memory, Cynulcus said- & Your multifariou
Athen_13.612   this sophist." These, O Cynulcus, are the words of
Athen_15.669   In answer to whom Cynulcus, who was always ready for
Athen_15.671   said this, Ulpianus, looking towards Cynulcus, said -
Athen_15.678   of garland this was, O Cynulcus; and do not tell me
Athen_15.685   go on gorging yourself, O Cynulcus; and when you have done,
Athen_15.686   made of gold, someone, seeing Cynulcus (?) dozing, anointed his face
Athen_15.692   ought, therefore, my good cynic Theodorus, to use at banquets those
Athen_15.697   When Democritus had said this, Cynulcus said;- Why do you remind
Athen_15.698   [55.]   And Cynulcus said:- There have been many
Athen_15.701   And Cynulcus, who was always attacking Ulpianus,

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