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  Delos   -an island in the Aegean Sea, sacred to the god Apollo
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  + Delian , Delians
305/11a decree of the League of Islanders at Delos, in honour of Demetrius.
282/41 Syll_389, a list of chorus-leaders at Delos.
280/21 ilocles, Iomilcus, and Xenophantus at the temple of Apollo on Delos.
278/12 IG_11.2.161A, the temple accounts of the Delian hieropoei.
277/7 Syll_391, a decree of Delos in honour of Philocles, the admiral of
254/16 made by Stratonice and Echenice at the temple of Apollo on Delos.
229/1 Austin_114, a decree of Delos in honour of Aristobulus of Thessaloni
217/38a Syll_573, a dedication at Delos by Philippus of spoils from the land
197/25a Syll_584, a decree of Delos in honour of Nabis of Lacedaemon.
194/6 mathematical problem concerning the size of Apollo's altar at Delos.
193/24 IG_11.4.712, an inscription from Delos in honour of P.Scipio.
192/6b Inscr_63, annual accounts of the treasurers of the temple at Delos.
192/29 IG_11.4.756, a decree from Delos about an embassy sent to renew frie
192/6c THI_99.G, recording honours granted by Delos to Philippus of Cos.
190/9 Syll_582 & 583, decrees of Delos in honour of Epicrates and Anaxibiu
179/17 the temple of Apollo on Delos, for the year when Demares was arc
175/5a OGIS_247, a statue of Heliodorus at Delos.
167/30 control of Lemnos, Haliartus, and Delos, which becomes a free port.
164/1a Syll_662, a decree of Delos in honour of Amphicles, a lyric poet.
164/11a GIS_250, a statue of Antiochus, the benefactor of Athens, at Delos.
163/1 the senate about a shrine belonging to Demetrius of Rhenea at Delos.
158/1 The Athenians and Delians send embassies to Rome about a legal disput
154/4a Syll_657, a list of annual gymnasiarchs at Delos.
134/10 Slave revolts in Attica and Delos are quickly suppressed.
126/14 1527, two inscriptions from Delos referring to protection given
125/16 ding the building works of Theophrastus, as superintendent of Delos.
113/19 CIL_2504, a dedication by P.Sextilius Philo and others at Delos.
111/7 Syll_657, a list of the Athenian gymnasiarchs on Delos.
101/10a statues of Dorylaus and a friend of Mithridates II at Delos.
100/20 L_1688, an inscription from a statue of C.Ofellius Ferus, at Delos.
98/12 RP_343, the inscription from a statue in honour of Marius at Delos.
97/12 Syll_726, a dedication to Heracles on the island of Delos.
97/2a Syll_727, a dedication to Pistis (Faith) on the island of Delos.
90/46 CIL_705, an inscription in honour of C.Julius Caesar at Delos
88/54 elaus and Menophanes capture Delos and other islands in the Aegean
88/64 The Romans defeat an Athenian force led by Apellicon at Delos.
87/25 _717 and 2252, inscriptions set up by Romans called Orbius on Delos.
87/26 CIL_712, an inscription in honour of Sulla on Delos.
85/2a CIL_1.714, an inscription in honour of L.Lucullus at Delos.
80/33 the way, including Aspendus, Delos, Lampsacus, Myndus, Samos, Sicyon,
74/37 Syll_746, a dedication to Apollo on the island of Delos.
69/4 a pirate chief, devastates Delos, but Triarius restores the island'
67/47 nscriptions on the bases of statues of Pompeius, in Delos and Samos.
Inscriptions,- INSCRIPTIONS, Delos
1Macc_15   to the Spartans, and to Delos, and to Myndos, and to Sicy
Aelian:NA_4.4   ights, for the people of Delos maintain that this was the
AnthPal_6.273   } & Artemis, lady of Delos and lovely Ortygia, lay by
AnthPal_9.100   ITYLENE & { Ph 2 } & To Delos Holy nurse of Leda's babes,
AnthPal_12.24   safe, as he was, Lord of Delos, when we sent him on his
AnthPal_12.55   the sea-girt height of Delos ; but the lord of the land
AntipSid_16.178   ar-wielding defenders of Delos: you displayed a double col
AntipThes_9.408   now sail past deserted Delos, once so revered ! Hera has
AntipThes_9.421   ancient splendour. Delos, of a truth, once so brilliant,
AntipThes_9.550   uld have expected to see Delos more desert than Tenos ?
AntipThes_9.790   Artemis was born, not at Delos, but at a place called Orty
Apollonid_7.642   } & Between Syros and Delos the waves engulfed Menoetes
Athen_2.38   runk. And Semus of Delos says— "A brazen tripod, not the
Athen_5.194   statues around the altar at Delos. And he used to bathe
Athen_5.212-215 *   wealth from revenues in Delos; it was adorned with couche
Athen_6.234   the laws concerning the Delian sacred mission it is writt
Athen_11.469   of Delos says that in Delos there is a votive offering
Athen_11.502   And Semus says that in Delos there is dedicated a bronze
Athen_14.614   book of his History of Delos, a man of the highest consi
Athen_14.618   } is shown by Semus of Delos, in the fifth book of his
Athen_14.622   on. [16.] & Semus of Delos says in his book about Paea
Athen_14.634-637 *   -players; nor Phillis of Delos, - for he also wrote a trea
Athen_14.645   book of his History of Delos, says- "In the island of
Athen_15.676   the Greeks, as Semus of Delos tells us in the fourth
Athen_15.694   III & Leto once in Delos, as they say, & Did two great chi
Athen_15.694     Leto once in Delos as they say,
CIL_1.1805   to a guild of Mercuriales, at Delos. Presented to mer
CIL_1.2235   and others. Tablet of marble, Delos, second century
CIL_1.2239   others. On a pedestal found at Delos. c. 150 B.C. or e
CIL_1.2504   .2504 Dedication at Delos. Tablet. Bilingual.
CIL_1.705   B.C. On a pedestal found at Delos. To 'Gaius Julius
CIL_1.712   pedestal of a statue found at Delos. 87 B.C. 'Lucius
CIL_1.714   agments of a pedestal found at Delos. ‘Lucius Licinius
Diod_34.2   ousand slaves; and likewise at Delos, and many other place
DionHal:Din_1   ier than both these men, Delian in birth, wrote both poetr
DionHal:Din_11   one is Concerning the Delian sacrifice which begins "We
Joseph:AJ_14.213   eting. The Jews of Delos, and some other Jews that sojourn
Joseph:AJ_14.231   ance." [231] The decree of the Delians. "The answer of the
Julian:Mis_351   the altar of Apollo on Delos.' [352] And consider the
Just_3.6   the Persian war, from Delos to Athens, that, if the Lac
Macedonicus_   l-quivered, silver-bowed Delian son of Zeus & with an eage
Nepos_3.3   were deposited each year at Delos. That place was selected as
OGIS_43   (c. 280)   ] in the sanctuary of [Delian] Apollo; [and money f
OGIS_67   (c. 280-270)   next Ptolemaia in Delos; and he shall be granted
OGIS_116   (c. 154)   ful possible, [one in Delos, and the other] in Cret
OGIS_250   (166-163)   at, was dedicated to Delian Apollo by Alexandros
OGIS_335   (150-133)   icated in Ilion and Delos and Ephesos, in which the
OGIS_771   (196/5)   secrated on the island of Delos. The generals and
Oros_5.9   of like character. At Delos, citizens, anticipating the movement,
Plin:HN_4.65   Andros and 15 miles from Delos is Tenos, with a city
Plin:HN_4.66   in the middle of them, Delos, celebrated for its temple of
Plin:HN_4.67   [67] Next to Delos is Rhene, which Anticlides calls
Plin:HN_4.68   lies 50 miles north-east of Delos and 35 miles from Samos;
Plin:HN_4.91   fruits of their harvests to Delos as offerings to Apollo, whom
Plin:HN_6.214   Halicarnassus, Cnidus, Doris, Chios, Delos, the middle of the
Plin:HN_33.144   or make them to the Delos pattern, but in the Carthaginian
Plin:HN_34.8   of Aegina and that of Delos which long held the first
Plin:HN_34.9   making it. It was at Delos that bronze first came into
Plin:HN_34.10   Aegina bronze, while that of Delos is seen in the Jupiter
Plin:HN_36.12   islands, for example in Delos; and to their pedestals
Plin:HN_36.13   by their father too at Delos and in the island of
Plut:Mor_840   cause of the temple at Delos, yet Demosthenes tells us
Plut:Mor_850   controversy between the Delians and the Athenians, who
Polyaen_3.9.36   amos, Iphicrates sailed off to Delos. There Samian envoys
POxy_1380   ong the Thracians and in Delos many-named ; among the Amaz
RC_52   (167/6) and Archelaos meeting me in Delos delivered a fine and generous
SEG_28.60   (270/69)   hich were measured out from Delos to the agents sen
SEG_48.1037.B   (c. 180-166) that the disposition of the Delians toward the gods may always
Syll_381   (300-281)   tance to those of the Delians who meet him, and s
Syll_382   (early 3rd cent.)   e and the city of the Delians, and has written a
Syll_493   (230-220)   s sent by the city to Delos and lent them money wit
Syll_500   (230-215)   ed the temple and the Delians, by saying and doing
Syll_576   (start of 2nd cent.)   dros, when he came to Delos and stayed here for a
Syll_582   (c.190)   l use the harbour [at Delos] as their base; and [he
Syll_583   (c.190)   le and the people] of Delos, and has [provided] ass
Syll_584   (c. 197)   ple and the people of Delos, and has provided assis
Syll_617   (c. 193)   the temple and the Delians, has taken every care co
Syll_639   (c. 177)   people of Delos dedicated this statue of
Syll_648   (c. 194)   ath} The people of Delos crowns Satyros of Samos,
Syll_657   (155/4)   ns to take control of Delos in 167/6 B.C., and this
Syll_662   (c. 165/4)   enians who dwell in Delos may be seen to honour t
Syll_663   (c. 200)   vels in the sea-girt Delos, and you brought the cul
Syll_681   (c. 140)   of the Athenians {on Delos} dedicated this statue o
Syll_712.A   Zeus Tallaios, and at [ Delos in the temple ] of
Syll_712.B   Tallaios; and another jointly at Delos in the temple of Apollo;
Syll_712.C   envoy who has come to Delos } from the city of
Syll_721   (end of 2nd cent.) The Athenians who reside in Delos shall be asked for a
Syll_749.A   (shortly after 65) ild] of Pompeiasts [ in Delos ] dedicated this statue [Gnaeu
THI_17   (mid 3rd century) temple and the city of Delos, and concerning the protection of
THI_23   (late 2nd cent.)   e inscriptions found on Delos. Translated by N.Lewi
THI_57   (late 3rd cent.)   which they ask the Delians, as friends of their
THI_91   (240-230)   e council and the people of Delos, greetings. Boulo
THI_96   (250-240)   in the temple of Apollo in Delos. Eumedes shall be
THI_114.A   Kos and the other in Delos; 40 and to place a
THI_15.A   (c. 230-220) : since Semos [ of Delos ], son of Kosmiades, [bought
THI_15.B   (c. 230-220) deliver the decree to the Delians and to ask them to
THI_159   (early 3rd cent.) tasked by the people of Delos to make statues of Asklepios
THI_56.A   (239-229) the sanctuary and of the Delians, has shown great zeal and
THI_56.B   (239-229) nctuary and the people of Delos, and has provided services bo
THI_99.F   (early 2nd century)   ncil and people {of Delos}, as proposed by Telemnes
THI_99.G   (c. 195)   und on the island of Delos ( see Inscr_63 ), mentio
ValMax_1.1e.6     The Persians coming to Delos with a fleet of a

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