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  Demades   - an Athenian orator, killed in 319 B.C.
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  + Demadean
323/49 Demades, Dionysius, Phocion, Theocritus and others react to the news
322/41 sayings of Demosthenes, addressed to Demades, Phocion, and others.
320/1 Demades urges Perdiccas to cross over into Europe to attack Antipater
319/8 Sayings of Demades, addressed to Phocion and others.
319/9 Antipater denounces Demades for his venality.
319/10 Demades is sent as an envoy to Macedonia, and is put to death togethe
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9 henians on the motion of Demades, and how Antipater carrie
Athen_2.44 present day, Demosthenes and Demades, how very different
Athen_6.251 to trial, and yet fined Demades ten talents, because he
Athen_13.591 ave you all to know that Demades, the orator, became the
Cic:Brut_36 ycurgus, Deinarchus, and Demades (none of whose writings
Demetr:Eloc_282 [282] & The sayings of Demades, also, though thought to
Demetr:Eloc_286 said with respect to the Demadean vigour, which indeed has
Plut:Cleom_27 that of war. And Demades, when the Athenians called upon
Plut:Mor_181 When he was dead, Demades the rhetorician likened the Mac
Plut:Mor_183 hat it to be done ? & Of Demades the rhetorician, now grow
Plut:Mor_188 ent, nor could he ever satisfy Demades with presents. &
Plut:Mor_191 AGIS THE YOUNGER. Demades said, the Laconians' swords wer
Plut:Mor_843 Lysicles the general, Demades the son of Demeas, Menesa
Plut:Phoc_1 in 318 B.C. [1] Demades the orator, by studying in his
Plut:Phoc_16 by humanity; but when Demades moved that Athens should
Plut:Phoc_20 his own country. Demades one day said to him, " Why do
Plut:Phoc_22 son of Hipparchus. Demades desired the people to give no
Plut:Phoc_26 the city. As for Demades, he had not been able, in any
Plut:Phoc_30 in Athens, Phocion and Demades : it is impossible either
PsCallisth_* 2.2-5 * When Aeschines finished, Demades, a distinguished orator,
Syll_313 (320/19)   ple, as proposed by Demades of Paiania, the son of

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