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  Didius   (T. Didius) - Roman consul, 98 B.C.
100/5 T.Didius defeats the Scordisci and forces them to retreat.
98/_ Consuls: Q. Caecilius Q.f. Metellus Nepos, T. Didius T.f.
96/5 The campaigns of T.Didius in Spain, with Q.Sertorius as military trib
93/1 The triumph of T.Didius, over the Celtiberi.
89/24 T.Didius is defeated and killed by the Italians.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.681 grandson of Quintus, and Titus Didius, son of Titus. C
FastCap_p74 Q.f. Q.n. Metellus Nepos , T. Didius T.f. Sex.n. [97] &
Festus:Brev.9 by them. Marcus Didius checked the wandering Thracians,
Sall:Hist_1.77 ain with great honour, when T. Didius was governor there.

  Didius 2   (M. Didius Salvius Julianus) - Roman emperor, 193 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
ExcBarb_48A 9 years - cons. 10 Pertinax Didius for ? years - cons.
FastTr_p107 k.Feb. (26th January) 93 & T. Didius T.f. Ser.n. (II),

  Didius 3   (C. Didius) - an officer in charge of Caesar's fleet, 46-45 B.C.
46/74 C.Didius defeats Varus, an officer of Pompeius, in a naval battle nea
45/19 C.Didius is defeated and killed by the Lusitanians.

  Didius 4   (Q. Didius) - Roman governor of Syria, 31/0 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
30/13 Q.Didius prevents a group of gladiators from joining Antonius.
    Within translations:
Joseph:BJ_1.392 which account Quintus Didius has written to me that you

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