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  Eilethyia   - the Greek goddess of childbirth
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  + Eileithyia , Eleithyia , Eleithyiae , Eleutho , Elitheia
AnthPal_6.270 areta rest on your head, Eileithyia ; for them she vowed
AnthPal_6.274 viour of children, blest Eileithyia, receive and keep as
AntipThes_9.238 to such beauty by the help of Eleithyia. & * & The statu
AntipThes_9.268 red, and quickly did Eleutho grant both prayers,
Callim:Epigr_41 who in {the travail of Eleutho} was the friend of many
Callim:Epigr_54 Even so again, Eilethyia, come thou when Lycaenis call
Crinag_6.244 era, mother of the Eleithyiae, and you, Hera Teleia {"Perf
LeonTar_6.200 & { G-P 38 } & Eileithyia, at your glorious feet Ambro
Syll_551 (c. 210-207)   hanidas dedicated this to Eleusia {Eileithyia}. &
Syll_602 (200-190)   Pasichos, the priestess of Eileithyia. Sopatros of
Syll_712.A   Lato in the temple of Eleuthyia, and at [Olous] in the
Syll_712.B   Lato in the temple of Eleuthyia, and at Olous in the
THI_55 (c. 200)   secrated to Artemis Elitheia, with the full consent

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