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  Ephippus   of Athens - a writer of Middle Comedy, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_1.28 riend of mine. And Ephippus says- & Oh how luscious, oh
Athen_2.38 were called tripods." Ephippus says somewhere or other—
Athen_7.289 and he is mentioned by Ephippus, in his Peltast, where
Athen_10.442 and so are the Tirynthians by Ephippus, in his Busiris.
Athen_11.509 On which account Ephippus the comic poet, in his Shipwre
Athen_13.571 left side of your mouth; as Ephippus says in his Philyr
Athen_13.572 of his love. And Ephippus has spoken very well of people
Athen_14.617 elight to us ourselves), Ephippus, in his Merchandise, spe
Athen_14.642 aikleia. [50.] & Ephippus, in his Ephebes, enumerating
Athen_14.646 dainty of the kind. And Ephippus, in his Cydon, also ment

  Ephippus 2   of Olynthus - author of a history of Alexander
Wikipedia entry
Athen_12.537 of Alexander the Great, Ephippus the Olynthian, in his
Athen_12.538 see the spectacle," says Ephippus, "there were on a sudden
Athen_4.146 any of his friends, as Ephippus the Olynthian relates

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