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  Eretria   - a city of the island of Euboea, Greece
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  + Eretrian , Eretrians
307/5a The Macedonian garrison leaves Eretria.
302/27 Syll_348, a decree of Eretria in honour of Glaucippus and his brother
301/4a Inscr_38, an Eretrian decree in honour of Adeimantus, a friend of
301/4b IG_12.9.212, an Eretrian decree in honour of Arrhidaeus, a Macedonia
297/6 painting by Philoxenus of Eretria, of a battle between Alexander
287/10 Menedemus is sent as ambassador from Eretria to Demetrius.
270/8 friendship of Menedemus and Asclepiades, the Eretrian philosophers.
270/15b statue of Neoptolemus of Aetolia, erected by the city of Eretria.
267/3a statue of Neoptolemus of Aetolia, erected by the city of Eretria.
265/6 Menedemus founds the Eretrian school of philosophy.
265/7 Menedemus is exiled from Eretria.
265/13 The death of Menedemus of Eretria.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_7.40   ntor ** was burning, his Eretrian hounds of their own acco
Aelian:NA_12.34   sea. The people of Eretria sacrifice maimed animals to Art
Aelian:NA_15.5   friends, the people of Eretria and Naxos know of these
Aelian:NA_17.8   ull-grown it is the size of an Eretrian hound. But I wish
AnthPal_7.256   cbatana. Farewell, Eretria, once our glorious country; far
AnthPal_7.259   ATO & { F 11 } & We are Eretrians from Euboea and we lie
Aristeas_201   emus, the philosopher of Eretria, said, 'True, O King -
Athen_6.252   says that Athenaeus the Eretrian was a flatterer and serv
Athen_6.270   Libyan ivory; as Achaeus the Eretrian says in his Cycnus
Athen_10.414   And Achaeus the Eretrian, speaking of the good constitu
Athen_11.480   phialē."   Achaeus of Eretria, in Alcmeon uses the
Athen_12.536   ere was, as they say, an Eretrian of the name of Diomnestu
Athen_12.537   Ammon; and when all the Eretrians had been driven out of
Athen_13.604   cheeks.' And a man from Eretria, or from Erythrae, who
Cic:Acad_2.129   Menedemus, who was an Eretrian, they received the designation
Cic:Tusc_5.113   Asclepiades, a native of Eretria, and no obscure philosopher,
DiogLaert_7.178   gues on Love; one on the Eretrian Philosophers; one on Thi
Euseb]:Chron_225   xians - for 10 years The Eretrians - for 15 years The Aegi
Memn_22   the sword. 10 When Eretria, Chalcis and the whole of Euboe
Nepos_1.4   landed on Euboea, quickly took Eretria, carried off all the citizens
Nepos_4.2   them he dispatched Gongylus the Eretrian, who was to deliver to
Philoch_160   assistance they sent} to Eretria in his account of [the
Philoch_161   [342/1], and Cleitarchus of Eretria when Nicomachus was
Plin:HN_4.64   is Aulis ), Geraestus, Eretria, Carystus, Oritanum and Artemisium,
Plin:HN_33.163   liquor through linen on to Eretrian earth. Its use as a
Plin:HN_35.37   in medicine as earth of Eretria; it also dries the tongue
Plin:HN_35.38   {21.}   Eretrian earth is named from the
Plin:HN_35.110   Aristides and Philoxenus of Eretria, who painted for king
Plin:HN_35.192   {54.}   [192] Earth of Eretria has the same number of
Plin:HN_35.194   earth closely resembles that of Eretria, only it is in larger
Plut:Mor_185   Scoffing at the Eretrians, he said, Like the sword-fish
Plut:Phoc_12   pon, Plutarchus of Eretria called in the Athenians, and
Plut:Phoc_13   drove Plutarchus out of Eretria, and made himself master
Syll_323   (308/7)   people, that all the Eretrians and the resident
Syll_337   (c. 285-247)   . . . Alexandrian drachmae Eretrians : . . . Attic
Syll_348   (302)   g Demetrios and the Eretrian people, and have shown
Syll_406   (276/5)   enians: Aristokles Eretrians: Theokritos Dorians:
Syll_411   (274-271)   city of the Eretrians dedicates this statue
Syll_416   (273)   enos, Aristophylos Eretrians: Aischylos Troizeni
THI_38   (c. 304-301)   to the people of the Eretrians and always speaks
THI_39   (235/4)   the headland of the Eretrians, he continues to be
THI_64   (263-236)   ;   Damokles of Eretria the son of Philinos
THI_79   (304-302)   a benefactor of the Eretrian [people], and in assoc
THI_97   (294-288)   the month of . . . as the Eretrians reckon . . . Oa
THI_104   (194-166)   or the judges of the Eretrians, it was resolved als

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