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  Erinna   - a Greek poet, (?) 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
300/7 The poetess Erinna dies when only 19 years old.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_11.322 the great, proud of your Erinna, & bitter and dry dogs
AnthPal_7.12 onymous & { F 39 } & On Erinna Just as you were giving
AnthPal_7.710 that my friend and companion Erinna engraved these lines
AnthPal_9.190 onymous & { F 38 } & On Erinna's poem "The Spindle" This
AntipSid_7.713 {Not Sepulchral} Few are Erinna's verses nor is she wordy
AntipThes_9.26 with lovely tresses ; Erinna ; renowned Telesilla ; and
Asclepiad_7.11 { G-P 28 } & On Erinna (inscribed on a Volume of her
LeonTar_7.13 LEONIDAS or MELEAGER On Erinna As Erinna, the maiden hone
Meleager_4.1 fragrant Rhianus, and Erinna's sweet crocus, maiden-hue
Meleager_7.13 LEONIDAS or MELEAGER On Erinna As Erinna, the maiden hone

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