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  Erythrae   - a city on the coast of Ionia, Asia Minor
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  + Erythraean , Erythraeans
323/20 tempts to dig a canal through the peninsula of Mimas, near Erythrae.
280/25b l_284, a decree to restore the statue of a tyrannicide at Erythrae.
256/11a OGIS_223, a letter from Antiochus to the city of Erythrae.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_2.20 But the oxen of Erythrae can move their horns as they
Apollod:Fr_47 this, Eubulus of Erythrae, the son of Antenor, [died]
Athen_6.258 But Hippias the Erythraean, in the second book of his
Athen_6.259 they sailed by night to Erythrae, and just at the same
Athen_13.604 from Eretria, or from Erythrae, who was a school-master
Polyaen_8.36.1 lesians, assisted by the Erythraeans, made war on the Naxi
Polyaen_8.43.1 made war on the inhabitants of Erythrae. He was directed
Polyaen_8.66.1 hen the Chians and Erythraeans had long been at war about
Syll_334 (306/5)   s of Athens, Herakleitos of Erythrai and the gener
Syll_412 (c.260)   "The people of Erythrai in Ionia honour Neop
Syll_492 (c. 263)   son of Demokritos Jason of Erythrai, the son of De

  Erythrae 2   - a city of the Aenianes in Thessaly
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Paean:Eryth_ und in an inscription at Erythrae, which appears to have
Syll_413 (c. 260)   since Timokrates of Erythrai near Thermopylai, the
THI_215 (62 A.D.)   bsp; Phocaea,   Erythrae,   Smyrna],
THI_61.D (173-169)   bsp; Asklepiodoros of Erythrai, the son of Demetrio

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