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  Etruria   - a region of Italy, north of Rome
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  + Etruscan , Etruscans , Tuscan , Tyrrhenia
312/5 appointed dictator in anticipation of an attack by the Etruscans.
311/21 Aemilius defeats an Etruscan army near Sutrium.
311/29 Aemilius celebrates a triumph over the Etruscans.
310/3 Roman victory over the Etruscans near Sutrium.
310/20 Fabius defeats the Etruscans in a second battle (? near Perusia).
310/22 The Etruscan cities of Perusia, Corsona, and Arretium agree to a thir
309/7 Cursor defeats the Etruscans near Lake Vadimon.
309/18 The triumph of Fabius, over the Etruscans.
308/12 year's truce between the Romans and Etruscans.
301/29 The Etruscans defeat the Roman master of the horse (? Aemilius).
301/30 Valerius defeats the Etruscans near Rusellae, after which they agree
301/31 Valerius celebrates a triumph over the Etruscans and Marsi.
299/8 The Gauls invade Etruria.
299/10 Valerius invades Etruria.
298/11 Scipio invades Etruria.
298/14 consuls are dominated by the threat from the Etruscans and Samnites.
298/15 The triumph of Fulvius, over the Samnites and Etruscans.
296/5 Volumnius defeat a combined Etruscan and Samnite army in Etruria.
296/5 Volumnius defeat a combined Etruscan and Samnite army in Etruria.
296/9 onsuls to take charge of the war against the Etruscans and Samnites.
295/1 Fabius is assigned Etruria as his province, and enrols volunteers to
295/2 senate on the situation in Etruria, and Decius is sent to join him
295/21 The Romans suppress further resistance in Etruria and Samnium.
295/23 The triumph of Fabius, over the Samnites, Etruscans, and Gauls.
294/16 The chief Etruscan cities agree to a forty years' truce with Rome.
293/1 The triumph of Postumius, over the Samnites and Etruscans.
293/12 The Faliscans join an Etruscan revolt.
293/15 Carvilius defeats the Etruscans, and forces the Faliscans to sue for
283/3 Dolabella defeats the Boii and the Etruscans at Lake Vadimon.
282/29 The Romans defeat the Boii and Etruscans in a second battle.
280/2 The triumph of Marcius, over the Etruscans.
280/11 Coruncanius leads an army against the Etruscans.
225/10 Aemilius arrives in Etruria and takes command of the Roman army.
217/10 Hannibal follows a difficult route through marshes into Etruria.
217/16 Hannibal devastates the countryside in Etruria.
196/8 The praetor M'.Glabrio suppresses a conspiracy of slaves in Etruria.
167/28 are distributed amongst the Etruscan cities; but the historian Polyb
90/32 L.Porcius defeats the Etruscans.
89/2 ttempts to encourage revolt in Etruria, but is defeated by Pompeius.
87/15 exile, and advances through Etruria, where he is joined by Brutus
83/29 recruits more supporters in Etruria and then leaves for his province
78/18 Both consuls are sent to Etruria, after an insurrection breaks out
78/20 for the mountainous areas of Etruria, where he makes military prepara
77/9 near the Campus Martius, and forces him to retreat back to Etruria.
63/46 Manlius collects an army and openly starts a revolt in Etruria.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_281   & The idle character of the Etruscans. [282] & {280 DF}
Aelian:NA_8.19   vessel on the shore of Etruria, and proceeding inland
Aelian:NA_12.46   46] & There is an Etruscan story current which says that
Aelian:NA_13.27   evil from Tarentum and Etruria to say to this, men who
AntipSid_6.46   from its mouth. * & Because an Etruscan invention. [6.47]
Athen_4.153   ain. But among the Etruscans luxurious tables are spread
Athen_4.154   ors at Olympia, that the Etruscans used to box to the musi
Athen_6.240   st. And Antiphanes says in his Etruscan - & A. For he will
Athen_6.244   the comic poet, in his Etruscan, mentions Gryllion the
Athen_6.273   them. And from the Etruscans they derived the practice of
Athen_12.517   [14.]   And among the Etruscans, who carry their luxury to
Athen_12.518   them ; and among the Etruscans there are many shops in
Athen_12.519   the preference to the Etruscans, and of foreigners to
Athen_13.607   and who was surnamed the Etruscan, used often to put on
Athen_14.632   ely barbarised, becoming Etruscans or Romans, and to have
Athen_15.700     (B)   In Etruria.
Athen_15.702   can both carve and drink Etruscan wine,
Cic:Rep_2.9   seafaring peoples except the Etruscans and the Phoenicians, the
Cic:Rep_2.34   the most prosperous city of Etruria. And when he heard that
Cic:Rep_2.38   he made war on the Etruscans and avenged the wrongs of
Cic:Rep_3.7   Sabines, Volscians, Samnites, or Etruscans, if we examine Magna
Cic:Tusc_1.89   son, when engaged with the Etruscans, nor his grandson with Pyrrhus,
CIL_6.1308   umph after defeating the Etruscans at Sutrium and subd
CIL_6.40943   army of the Sabines] and the Etruscans. [He preve
CIL_11.1827   army of the Sabines and Etruscans; he prevented the a
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   ntius the king of the Etruscans agreed to come to t
Diod_38.5   uck with fear. The Etruscan soothsayers declared that this
ElegMaec_1.1   of royal race, O Tuscan-born, you were the right hand
Ennius:Ann_66   act. Tiberis is in Tuscan dialect Tiber, which you order
Ennius:Ann_156   Priscus with the Latins (or Etruscans ?) : FESTUS : Sos
Ennius:Ann_159   vius Tullius ; wars with Etruria : MACROBIUS : We must not
Ennius:Ann_160   & A battle in Servius' Etruscan wars : MACROBIUS : 'The
Euseb]:Chron_269   whole region was called Tyrrhenia, from the name of one
Euseb]:Chron_287   my, to fight against the Etruscans, he fell into a whirlpo
Exsuper_38   fought on the coast of Etruria, and Lepidus started to
Exsuper_46   ction of any force, escaped to Etruria. He was afraid that
Exsuper_47   nemy. [47] But the Etruscans were faithful supporters of
FastTr__V   tants of Veii, a city in Etruria Veliterni Inhabitants of
FastTr_p90   maratus (II), king, & over the Etruscans, [k.A]pr. (1st
FastTr_p94   Rutilus, dictator, & over the Etruscans, pr. non.Mai. (6t
FastTr_p96   rbula, consul (II), & over the Etruscans, id.Sext. (13th
FastTr_p97   IV), dictator (II), & over the Etruscans and Marsi, 10 k.D
FastTr_p98   hilippus, [consul,] & over the Etruscans, k.Apr. (1st Apri
GranLic_35   signed an army and set off for Etruria, as the senate inst
Hieron:Chron_1726   defeated the Gauls and Etruscans [or "Gauls and Sabines"
Hieron:Chron_1969   lution simultaneously in Etruria and Bruttium, but were
Just_38.6   rvants and slaves of the Etruscans, or, what was the most
Just_43.1   Mezentius, king of the Etruscans, and when he was killed
Nepos_23.4   Apennines, on his way to Etruria. 3 In the course of
Obseq_44   because in the territory the Tuscans it had rained stones. On
Obseq_57   of a huge war. In Etruria at Clusium a mother of
Oros_2.4   powerful, neighbouring peoples of Etruria, at that time twelve
Oros_2.5   3 Porsena, king of the Etruscans and a strong supporter of
Oros_3.6   under C. Marcius against the Etruscans. I leave you to imagine
Oros_3.21   one army. For the Etruscans, Umbrians, Samnites, and Gauls
Oros_3.22   made an alliance with the Etruscans and Senonian Gauls, who were
Oros_4.5   the most flourishing of the Etruscan peoples, almost perished as a
Oros_4.13   in the land of the Tuscans the sky seemed to be
Oros_4.14   army was crossing over into Etruria and was high in the
Oros_4.20   defeated by the Boii in Etruria and lost a great part
Oros_5.18   Porcius Cato conquered the Etruscans and the lieutenant Plotius
Oros_6.6   these same days, but in Etruria it was extinguished by a
Plin:HN_3.38   the Ligurians, after whom come Etruria, Umbria and Latium, where are
Plin:HN_3.50   sacrifice. The first town in Etruria is Luna, famous for its
Plin:HN_3.53   of 150 miles it divides Etruria from the Umbrians and Sabines,
Plin:HN_3.112   the Umbrians, and these by Etruria, and Etruria by the Gauls.
Plin:HN_3.115   the chief place in Etruria was called Felsina), Brixillum,
Plin:HN_6.217   edge of Apulia, Campania, Etruria, Pisa, Luna, Luca, Genua,
Plin:HN_33.35   of that name in the Etruscan region nine miles this side
Plin:HN_34.34   world were regularly made in Etruria. I should have supposed these
Plin:HN_35.157   by Italy and especially by Etruria; that Vulca was summoned from
Plin:HN_36.91   made by King Porsena of Etruria to serve as his tomb,
Plin:HN_36.93   to his account; but the Etruscan stories relate that it was
Plinius:Ep_3.4   had run down to my Tuscan estate to lay the foundations
Plinius:Ep_4.1   all branch off to see my Tuscan estate - not to inspect
Plinius:Ep_4.6   Julius Naso. My Tuscan farms have been lashed by hail;
Plinius:Ep_5.6   was about to visit my Tuscan villa in the summer, to
Plinius:Ep_5.18   am staying at my Tuscan house; I hunt and I study, somet
Plinius:Ep_9.15   took refuge on my Tuscan estate, thinking to pass my days
Plinius:Ep_9.36   me how I spend the day on my Tuscan villa in summer time
Plinius:Ep_9.40   ure time in summer at my Tuscan villa, and you ask what
Polyaen_5.2.21   when he was sailing to Etruria with a hundred warships
Polyaen_8.8.1   war between the Etruscans and Romans, when Porsenna was
Polyaen_8.25.3   ered his services to the Etruscans; they accepted, and app
Polyaen_8.31.1   cluded a treaty with the Etruscans, and sent as hostages
Sall:Hist_1.10   nius and the grievous war with Etruria still remained. Aft
Sall:Hist_1.67   very outset, when I saw Etruria conspiring, the proscribe
THI_51   (277/6)   house of Artemis: An Etruscan censer, lacking a b
ValMax_1.1.1   to the several peoples of Etruria, to learn the order and
ValMax_1.8.5   war with the Veientes and Etruscans; while the one sought to
ValMax_2.4.4   of a performer from Etruria, whose comely swiftness after
ValMax_3.2.1   [2.1]   When the Etruscans made an incursion into the
ValMax_3.3.1   by Porsenna king of the Etruscans, secretly went armed into his
ValMax_4.5e.1   before citizenship was granted to Etruria. There was in that country
ValMax_5.5.2   defeated the Veientes and Etruscans in a most remarkable
ValMax_9.1e.2   it was the capital of Etruria. But when once luxury crept
ValMax_9.2e.10   [2e.10]   The Etruscans also were most cruel in

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