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  Flamininus 3   (L. Quinctius Flamininus) - Roman consul, 192 B.C.
  + Quinctius
197/13 L.Flamininus defeats the Acarnanians at Leucas.
192/_ Consuls: L. Quinctius T.f. Flamininus, Cn. Domitius L.f. Ahenobarbus
192/7 L.Flamininus attacks the Boii, and allegedly treats his captives with
192/21 CIL_613, a dedication by L.Flamininus at Praeneste.
184/10 eview the senate, and impose penalties on L.Flamininus and L.Scipio.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.613   Lucius Quinctius Flamininus. Piece of an arc
FastCap_p64   [192] & L. Quinctius T.f. L.n. Flamininus , Cn. Domitius
ValMax_2.9.3   Thus Porcius Cato removed L. Flamininus out of the number of
ValMax_4.5.1   on that day, when L. Flamininus, having been removed from the

  Flamininus 4   (T. Quinctius Flamininus) - Roman consul, 198 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Quinctius , Titus
205/22 T.Flamininus as praetor is appointed governor of Tarentum.
199/17 T.Flamininus is elected consul for the following year, though he had
198/_ Consuls: T. Quinctius Q.f. Flamininus, Sex. Aelius Q.f. Paetus Catus
198/6 ace negotiations between Philippus and Flamininus by the river Aous.
198/13 Flamininus suffers a repulse at Atrax.
198/17 Peace negotiations between Philippus and Flamininus at Nicaea.
198/24 dismissed by the senate and Flamininus is allowed to remain as comma
197/2 Flamininus forces the Boeotians to enter into alliance with the Roman
197/17 Flamininus defeats Philippus at the battle of Cynoscephalae.
197/23 Flamininus agrees peace terms with Philippus; the end of the Second
196/6 Flamininus proclaims the independence of the Greek states at the Isth
196/14 inscriptions put up by various Greek cities in honour of Flamininus.
195/7 Flamininus advances to Argos.
195/10 Flamininus invades Laconia.
194/2 Flamininus addresses the Greeks at a congress at Corinth, and announc
194/16 Syll_593, a letter from Flamininus to the town of Chyretiae.
194/17 The upright conduct of Flamininus in Greece.
194/18 Flamininus celebrates a triumph for his victories over Philippus and
191/21 Flamininus forces Diophanes, the general of the Achaean League, to
189/25 The censors Flamininus and Marcellus review the senate.
188/9 Delphic proxeni (including T.Flamininus and M.Lepidus) for the year
183/1a tes, an envoy from Messene, seeks to gain the support of Flamininus.
183/21 tes of the Achaean League refuse to hold an assembly for Flamininus.
183/29 uicide after being surrounded by soldiers belonging to T.Flamininus.
182/6 saying of Flamininus, mocking the appearance of Philopoemon.
174/12 remarks on the character of T.Flamininus, and his achievements in
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Flamininus (Titus)
    Within translations:
Alcaeus_7.247   where Philip V was defeated by Flamininus. For the king's
Alcaeus_16.5   the land of Hellas, and Titus, & too, led there a host
Ennius:Ann_326   lius Paetus, consul with Flamininus, 198 ; CICERO : - A
Ennius:Ann_327   guide the Romans, asks Flamininus : CICERO : - O Titus,
Ennius:Ann_330-333 *   30-1] & Charopus assures Flamininus that the shepherd is
Ennius:Ann_336   toil ? [336] & Speech of Flamininus before the battle :
Ennius:Ann_339   & Impatience of Flamininus' army ? : FESTUS : Nictit
Ennius:Ann_347   . . . [347-8] & Flamininus points to the relation of
Euseb]:Chron_241   defeated by the Roman general Titus in Thessaly. But even
Euseb]:Chron_243   ted in a battle in Thessaly by Titus the Roman general.
FastCap_p64   Catus , T. Quinctius T.f. L.n. Flamininus [197] & C. Corne
FastTr_p102   inc[tius T.f. L.n. Flamininus,] proconsul, & [from Macedon
Festus:Brev_7   Pseudo-Philippus. Flamininus defeated Philippus, Paulus
Hieron:Chron_1831   Scipio. But when Flamininus on behalf of the senate agai
Just_30.4   precious than empire." Flamininus, too, the Roman consul
Just_31.1   at once, sent orders to Flamininus, that "he should, if
Just_31.3   Greece, meanwhile, Flamininus, having formed an alliance
Nepos_23.12   dining with Titus Quinctius Flamininus, the ex-consul, and that
Oros_4.20   followed immediately. Quintius Flamininus was chosen consul
Plut:Mor_197   T. QUINCTIUS. T. Quinctius was eminent so early, that
Syll_674   (c. 140)   y, which laws Titus Quinctius the consul had laid d
ValMax_2.9.3   authority of his brother T. Flamininus. But the censor - and
ValMax_4.5.1   was the brother of T. Flamininus, the conqueror of Philip king
ValMax_4.8.5   Isthmian games, T. Quinctius Flamininus, having caused silence to
ValMax_5.2.6   [2.6]   But when Flamininus triumphed over Philip, there was

  Flamininus 7   (T. Quinctius Flamininus) - Roman consul, 150 B.C.
150/_ Consuls: T. Quinctius T.f. Flamininus, M'. Acilius L.f. Balbus
    Within translations:
FastCap_p70 [150] & T. Quinctius T.f. T.n. Flamininus , M'. Acilius

  Flamininus 8   (T. Quinctius Flamininus) - Roman consul, 123 B.C.
  + Quinctius
123/_ Consuls: Q. Caecilius Q.f. Metellus, T. Quinctius T.f. Flamininus
123/21 CIL_657, a milestone of T.Quinctius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_109   death. As to T. Flamininus, whom I myself have seen, I
Cic:Brut_259   ung, we can easily remember T. Flamininus, who was joint-c
CIL_1.657   Text Milestone of Quinctius Flamininus, 123 B.C. (150
Oros_5.12   Caecilius Metellus and Q. Titius Flamininus 123 B.C. the city of

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