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  Gerizzim   - a mountain in Palestine, site of the temple of the Samaritans
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  + Garizim , Gerizim
2Macc_5 appointed him; 23 and at Gerizim, Andronicus; and besides
Hieron:Chron_1681 Jews, built a temple on Mount Garizim. 111.2 * . [1682]
Hieron:Chron_1848 ty"] at the top of Mount Garizim, at the request of the
Joseph:AJ_12.7 the places near Mount Gerizzim, he led them all into
Joseph:AJ_12.10 they should be sent to Mount Gerizzim. [2.] & [11] When
Joseph:AJ_12.257 nor that the temple on Mount Gerizzim belonged to Almigh
Joseph:AJ_12.259 at the mountain called Gerizzim, though without a name,
Joseph:AJ_13.74 of Alexander at Mount Gerizzim, did now make a sedition
Joseph:AJ_13.78 But as for that at Gerizzim, he made no account of it, and
Joseph:AJ_13.255 sides these, Shechem and Gerizzim, and the nation of the
Joseph:AJ_14.100 besiege the mountain called Gerizzim, whither they had
MegTaan_9 was the day of Mt. Gerizim (on which it is not allowed to

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