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  Gortyn   - a city in Crete
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  + Gortyna , Gortynian , Gortynians
236/6b SEG_13.465, a treaty between king Demetrius and the city of Gortyn.
219/16a SEG_49.1217, a treaty between Cnossus and Gortyn.
216/14c THI_106, a treaty between the cities of Gortyn and Lato.
204/10 begins to build walls around Gortyn in Crete, but does not complete
198/10 goes to Crete for a second time, to fight for the people of Gortyn.
195/13 nae in honour of Protimus of Gortyn, after the return of hostages sei
184/9 Cretan cities of Cnossus, Gortyn, and Cydonia to settle their disp
170/14 The people of Gortyn attack Cydonia.
    Within translations:
1Macc_15   Side, and to Aradus and Gortyna and Cnidus and Cyprus and
Athen_11.502   Chonnoi Among the people of Gortyna a kind of cup, similar
Euseb]:Chron_219   A.D.] - Satornilus of Gortyn in Crete, stadion race [At
Nepos_23.9   taken - came to the Gortynians in Crete, there to deliberate
OGIS_132   (130)   ldren; Soterichos of Gortyn, the son of Ikadion,
SEG_13.465   (237/6) of Antigonos] from the Gortynians and their [allies concerning]
SEG_49.1217   (c. 220)   bsp; . . . [the Gortynians, having made the curse,]
Simonid_7.254a   78 } & I, Brotachus, a Gortynian of Crete, lie here, whe
Syll_627   (183)   Cretans, namely: the Gortynians, Knosians, Phaisti
Syll_685   (112/1)   confirmed; and [the Gortynians] sent a letter to th
Syll_712.E   Olountians were allies of the Gortynians . . . in order
THI_19   (Late 3rd century) der the leadership of the Gortynians, when Kydas son of Kynni
THI_71   (300-261)   s that made with the Gortynians, in the presence of
THI_105   (c. 200)   al ones set up by the Gortynians and the Hierapytni
THI_106   (219-216)   n agreed upon by the Gortynians and the Latoans [wh
THI_113   (195-168)   em that the city of Gortyn praises the city of Magn
THI_212   (c. 200-150) ossos, while the kosmoi in Gortyn were from the Dymanes, tho

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