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  Goths   - a barbarian people, who invaded the Roman empire
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Festus:Brev_26   recent victory over the Goths, he was descending on Persi
Festus:Brev_30   momentous one concerning the Goths. Copyright (C) 2001,
Oros_1.2.30   Dacia (there we also find Gothia); and finally, Germania, the main
Oros_1.6   say, the swords of the Goths had accomplished nothing at Rome
Oros_1.16   are at present also called Goths ( Alexander publicly said that
Oros_2.3   in this case by the Goths under Alaric, king of the
Oros_2.19   lay in ashes. The Goths, relinquishing their intention of
Oros_3.20   peace were sought from the Goths and the Suebi by an
Oros_3.22   the present invasion of the Goths we should therefore do well
Oros_5.1   to our forefathers than the Goths are now to us, his
Oros_6.12   unable to rise against the Goths." 8 But not even Rome
Oros_7.2   and Rome stormed by the Goths.
Oros_7.22   Italy. An invasion of the Goths ruined Greece, Pontus, and Asia;
Oros_7.23   He at once attacked the Goths, who for fifteen years had
Oros_7.28   destroyed the valiant and populous Gothic tribes in the very heart
Oros_7.42   sovereignty, was taken by the Goths into Spain; and, having departed
Oros_7.43   Arelate in Gaul, drove the Goths from Narbo, and by his
Oros_7.32-39 *   Athanaric, king of the Goths, with the greatest cruelty
Plin:HN_4.99   Burgodiones, Varinnae, Charini and Gutones; the second race the

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