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  Hades   - the Greek underworld
Wikipedia entry
Lucian,- LUCIAN, The Descent into Hades - Menippus
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2Macc_6 ling them to send him to Hades. 24 "Such pretence is not
Aelian:NA_2.3 not only on earth but also in Hades, as Homer tells us
Alcaeus_7.412 you went down the iron road of Hades. * & A celebrated act
Alcaeus_11.12 Send him right quickly from Hades the same draught. *
AnthPal_10.3 90 } & The way down to Hades is straight, whether you
AnthPal_16.30 der of Zeus, Zeus who in Hades again destroys me and strik
AnthPal_3.8 et. [8] Ulysses in Hades questioning his mother Anticlea
AnthPal_5.100 him know that Zeus and Hades and the Lord of the Sea wer
AnthPal_5.129 she resurrects the club from Hades. [130] MACCIUS & {
AnthPal_6.254 about to drag down to Hades limp Statyllius, the effemi
AnthPal_6.297 have gone down curved to Hades), his toothless rake, a pie
AnthPal_7.41 ne, even in the house of Hades, Callimachus, dearest compa
AnthPal_7.188 rches. Black-robed Hades burst in and by him the fell Erin
AnthPal_7.189 flown to the meadows of Hades and the dewy flowers of gol
AnthPal_7.239 if Phoebus be true. Not even Hades can lay hand on the
AnthPal_7.268 and take it with him to Hades, and let Minos see him wear
AnthPal_7.305 self, came to relentless Hades in his own ship ; for the
AnthPal_7.315 no genuine dead man even in Hades. & * & I cannot be
AnthPal_7.365 row the boat of the dead to Hades . . . reach out your
AnthPal_7.381 cleides to his living and into Hades. It fed him by his
AnthPal_7.386 Great wealth for Hades was the number of my children -
AnthPal_7.391 block all the roads of Hades, and be bolted, you entranc
AnthPal_7.393 the surf-beaten land : even in Hades it knows me. If it
AnthPal_7.420 ver, were ye not so, had Hades, who brings our strength
AnthPal_7.444 Yet readily can Hades distinguish each of them in the
AnthPal_7.462 ear her time has been taken by Hades. The earth of Sidon
AnthPal_7.477 where the road is the same to Hades. [478] Leonidas &rarr
AnthPal_7.483 Anonymous & { H 47 } & Hades, inexorable and unbending,
AnthPal_7.539 in the many-oared galley, to Hades. Alas for Aristodice
AnthPal_* 7.545-547 * tus, descended to the house of Hades, the gatherer of peop
AnthPal_7.624 er, ferrier of men to blackest Hades, you who have engulfe
AnthPal_7.627 down the baneful road of Hades; and sorely have you afflic
AnthPal_7.712 bewept pillar, say to Hades who dwells below "Hades,
AnthPal_7.727 man has in fame, for in Hades Thersites is as highly hono
AnthPal_7.729 one babe brought down to Hades so much happiness, and it
AnthPal_9.53 here was a scarcity of dead in Hades. [54] MENECRATES &
AnthPal_9.61 rit : " Away with you to Hades, alien offspring of Sparta
AnthPal_9.95 blush for yourselves in Hades, learning from a hen what
AnthPal_9.145 cynic, on his arrival in Hades, after his wise old age was
AnthPal_9.157 that we see is not the work of Hades or of Ares, but the
AnthPal_9.158 fun, who first should go to Hades. Thrice they threw
AnthPal_9.245 ale at her bitter bridal stood Hades, not Hymen. For, as
AnthPal_9.279 for the second time, & Hades received from the bark of
AnthPal_9.348 the stealer of grapes, ran to Hades whipped with a stolen
AnthPal_9.390 breasts, you are toiling for Hades. With less trouble
Antiphil_7.399 sons have been built, for even Hades ends not their strife
Antiphil_7.622 oney. He fell into Hades, grasping, at the cost of his lif
Antiphil_7.634 ; for he was ripe for Hades, and old age was on the loo
Antiphil_7.635 ead, and travelled with him to Hades. & * & cp. Nos. 305,
Antiphil_9.242 that the old man might sail to Hades in his own boat. [9.2
AntipSid_7.241 princes are not led by Hades to his house, but by Zeus
AntipSid_7.423 do us who are gone to Hades the favour to bid us hail
AntipSid_7.464 orian land pitied you in Hades and questioned you concerni
AntipThes_7.367 unwilling Hymen lit or willing Hades. [7.369] & { G-P 49
AntipThes_7.65 ; for he of Sinope, even in Hades, hates every mean man
AntipThes_7.692 unvanquished hands, and Hades, who conquers all, has thro
AntipThes_9.112 estor, and even Nestor went to Hades. [9.143] & { G-P 93
AntipThes_9.23 his last and gliding to Hades, spoke thus to his sons :
AntipThes_9.792 explored the house of Hades, and I am copied from him
AntipThes_9.96 already on his road to Hades, spoke thus to his daughter
AntipThes_11.23 one road down to Hades for all, and if mine is quicker,
Anyte_7.190 girlish tears ; for inexorable Hades hath carried off her
Anyte_7.492 such a wedding, but we made Hades our guardian. & *
Apollonid_7.180 around slid and covered me. Hades is not grievous to
Archias_7.213 the unforeseen pit of Hades hides you vanquished by the
Archias_7.278 my ears. Not even Hades gave me rest from trouble, since
Archias_7.68 the Cynic O boatman of Hades, conveyor of the dead, deli
Asclepiad_5.85 purpose ? When you go to Hades you will find none to love
Athen_8.351 reated by him go down to Hades the very day they came to
Athen_12.551 poets on earth down to Hades to the poets there, and his
Athen_13.597 the lyre, brought back from Hades, even the Thracian
Athen_14.633 & The only men who in Hades below & Can feel the bliss
Bianor_7.396 quarrel. Not even Hades subdued them, and by Acheron they
Bianor_7.644 till it brings you to Hades ? [7.671] & { G-P 5 } &
Callim:Epigr_2 ales live still, whereon Hades, snatcher of all things,
Callim:Epigr_5 there are more of you in Hades." & [6] & & On a nautilus
Callim:Epigr_12 imarchus in the house of Hades to learn aught of the soul,
Callim:Epigr_15 a [Pellaean] copper in Hades." & [16] & Who knows arigh
Callim:Epigr_25 leapt from a lofty wall into Hades. No evil had he seen
Callim:Hec_278 there is a way down to Hades, which Demeter came to and
Crinag_7.633 lene, going down dead to murky Hades. On her she had besto
Crinag_7.643 7.643] & { G-P 19 } & O Hades the inexorable, you have
Crinag_9.81 gone to rest in Hades, and now his dead body has come
DiogLaert_7.176 Cleanthes, but praise Hades more; & Who could not bear
DiogLaert_10.16 beneath the cold embrace of Hades. Such was the life
DiogLaert_10.126 with quickness to the gates of Hades. [127] For if this
DioscEpigr_7.178 me, I am yours, O master, in Hades too. [7.229] & { G-P
LeonTar_7.13 ring the flowers of the Muses, Hades carried her off to
LeonTar_7.19 rew off his burden and went to Hades. * & The last couple
LeonTar_7.190 girlish tears ; for inexorable Hades hath carried off her
LeonTar_7.264 like me to the haven of Hades, blame not the inhospitable
LeonTar_7.283 pped in the evil mist of Hades I might not be near to you
LeonTar_7.408 re, have power to hurt even in Hades. [7.422] & { G-P 22
LeonTar_7.452 nk, we all end in the haven of Hades. [7.455] & { G-P 68
LeonTar_7.466 to the shadowy house of Hades ! Nor dawn nor the rays of
LeonTar_7.472 will be the time to come in Hades. What is the portion
LeonTar_7.472b come to the haven, to Hades, as I, Pheidon the son of
LeonTar_7.662 & The girl is gone to Hades before her time in her seve
LeonTar_7.67 enes Mournful servant of Hades, who traverse in your dark
LeonTar_7.731 a stake ; Death calls me to Hades. Stop not your ears,
LeonTar_16.307 the path that leads to Hades, for it is not hard to foll
Lucill_9.574 this distraught life I went to Hades. [10.122] & { ? 136
Lucill_11.116 Heracles to the house of Hades ; but now Menophanes the
Lucill_11.133 chides is established in Hades too? [11.134] & { F 43 }
Lucill_11.281 When Magnus went down to Hades, Pluto trembled and said
Lucill_11.92 finally going down to Hades just as he was when alive
MArgent_7.364 for the songster was seized by Hades and the other by Pers
MArgent_11.28 eanthes and Zenon went to deep Hades. [11.320] & { G-P 34
Meleager_7.13 ring the flowers of the Muses, Hades carried her off to
Meleager_7.182 dead on her downward way to Hades. [7.195] & { G-P 12
Meleager_7.352 ear by the right hand of Hades and the dark couch of Perse
Meleager_7.468 offer you, a woeful gift, to Hades. Even the very stones
Meleager_7.470 own will I came to Hades, having drunk of the Cean cup."
Meleager_7.476 earth I send to you in Hades, Heliodora - tears painful
Meleager_16.213 that avail me ? For even Hades himself, who overcomes all
Nicand:Al_10 of the Wise Counsellor {Hades} whence few escape, and the
Nicand:Al_190 ooning, and his spirit beholds Hades. Give the patient his
Nicarch_5.39 What care I if I go to Hades with gouty legs or in train
Nicarch_11.116 Heracles to the house of Hades ; but now Menophanes the
Nicarch_11.330 ill it take you to reach Hades ? You are not wanting in
Philip_7.186 wife. O tearful Hades, why did you divorce the bridegro
Philip_7.187 of maiden Melite. Hades, was your judgement righteous ?
Philip_7.362 To the house of Hades went his body, but his soul in
Philip_7.382 am shipwrecked even in Hades, and not even on land shall
Philip_7.405 wasp, who not even in Hades has lulled his spite to res
Philip_9.290 ant ship was drifting to Hades, Lysistratus called on the
Philip_9.293 and I shall go even to Hades as a Spartan." [9.299] &
Phlegon:Mir_4 army gone to the land of Hades, & For already Zeus Cronide
SEG_54.1442 (c. 255)   ainst them, sending them to Hades . . . Attalus' ho
Simonid_7.25 lightful as honey, and even in Hades he has not laid that
Simonid_7.251 ings them up from the house of Hades. & * & This is proba
Theodorid_7.439 low, the spoil of sombre Hades ! [7.479] & { G-P 16 } &
Theodorid_7.529 Daring leads a man to Hades and to heaven ; daring laid
Theodorid_7.732 pay the debt you owe to Hades, in your old age but bringi

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