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  Hecale   - a deme in Attica
Callim:Hec_231 wayfarers honoured her {Hecale} for her hospitality, for
Callim:Hec_262 and found a neighbour burying Hecale. [263] & Go, gentle
Syll_451 (c. 226)   be and the deme of Hekale, both to himself and to
Syll_661 (c. 165/4)   , with Dionysikles of Hekale, the son of Dionysios,

  Hecale 2   - title of a poem by Callimachus
Wikipedia entry
Callim:Hec_T1   an old woman named Hecale, he was hospitably received
Callim:Hec_T2   Apollo. Now the story of Hecale and her receiving and entertaining
Crinag_9.545   a copy of Callimachus' Hecale This chiselled poem is Cal

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