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  Hegesander   of Delphi - Greek writer
Athen_1.19 the dancer, according to Hegesander, were more honoured
Athen_2.44 water-drinker. And Hegesander of Delphi says that Anchimol
Athen_4.167 ording to the account of Hegesander, that he had Aristagor
Athen_5.210 large goblet on it." And Hegesander the Delphian, in his
Athen_* 06.248-251 * while to keep you?'" And Hegesander the Delphian, in his
Athen_6.260 important affairs." And Hegesander the Delphian gives a
Athen_7.289 at Ephesus. And Hegesander says that he called Astycreo
Athen_8.337 away. [19.] And Hegesander, in his Commentaries, says
Athen_8.340 oil, but made him wash it; as Hegesander tells us.   And
Athen_8.350 to the account given by Hegesander, which were the greate
Athen_9.400 [63.] [400] But Hegesander of Delphi, in his Commentari
Athen_10.419 next day also. But Hegesander, in his Commentaries, says
Athen_10.432 hen they drank, a custom which Hegesander of Delphi mentio
Athen_11.477 the ciborium.   Hegesander of Delphi says that when Eup
Athen_12.544 him. Accordingly, Hegesander says that once, when he was
Athen_13.564 prize." [16.] [564] But Hegesander, in his Commentaries,
Athen_13.572 which is mentioned by Hegesander in his Commentaries,
Athen_13.584 These sayings are recorded by Hegesander. [585] And Arist
Athen_13.592 the end of his life, as Hegesander says, he was a lover
Athen_14.621 iled from Alexandria (as Hegesander, in his Reminiscences,
Athen_14.652 entreating him (it is Hegesander who tells this story)
Athen_14.656 not omit what is related by Hegesander in his Commentar
Syll_654 (c. 149-144)   e of the Athenian as "Hegesandros son of Hegesandr

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