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  Helots   - a class of slaves in Laconia and Messenia
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.263-265 *   did in respect of the Helots, the Thessalians in the
Athen_6.271   ving made mention of the Helots of the Lacedaemonians and
Athen_6.272   Greece, speaking of the Helots that they were also called
Athen_14.638   And the author of the Helots says - & He is a man who
Nepos_4.3   a class of men called Helots, who are very numerous; they
Plut:Demetr_1   asts, used to compel the Helots to drink an excessive quan
Plut:Mor_189   When one of the Helots behaved rather too insolently
Polyaen_1.17.1   secret orders that the Helots should be offered frequent
Polyaen_7.49.1   partans in the war against the Helots. As a reward for thi

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