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  Hermippus   - a writer of Old Comedy, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_1.18   boiling water. And Hermippus says, & As to mischievous hab
Athen_11.461   of whom the comic poet Hermippus in his Iambic mockingly says
Athen_11.476   in her soft arms."   Hermippus in The : "Do you
Athen_11.478   full of wine."   So Hermippus in The : "And first
Athen_11.480   ; they are mentioned by Hermippus in Soldiers : " And
Athen_11.486   fragrant lepastē."   [486] Hermippus in The : "If
Athen_11.487   any slave ? "   Hermippus in The Fates says :
Athen_11.502   them to drink."   So Hermippus in The : "A chrysis
Athen_12.524   enervated by pleasure ; as Hermippus tells us, in his Soldiers
Athen_12.551   than even those men whom Hermippus mentions in his Cercope
Athen_14.636   ing castanets. And Hermippus, in his play called The Gods,
Athen_14.649   portion of anything, as Hermippus does, in his Soldiers
Athen_14.650   in the Gerytades; and Hermippus in his Cercopes, says
Athen_15.667   the author,) and Eupolis, and Hermippus, in his Iambics prove the
Athen_15.668   [668] Hermippus, in his Fates says -
Athen_15.699   [56.]   " Hermippus also, the poet of the
Athen_15.700   days in a year. And Hermippus the comic poet, in his

  Hermippus 2   of Cyzicus - Greek poet, 4th century B.C.

  Hermippus 3   of Smyrna - pupil of Callimachus; biographer, late 3rd century
Wikipedia entry
Athen_4.154   ten to death." [41.] And Hermippus, in the first book of
Athen_4.162   ese, being entrusted, as Hermippus relates, with the citad
Athen_4.163   ion introduced by Diodorus, as Hermippus asserts. But Tima
Athen_5.213   of his Philippics, and Hermippus, the pupil of Callimach
Athen_6.252   pupil of Theodorus, but Hermippus sets him down in the
Athen_11.505   to write ! ' And Hermippus in his work On says
Athen_13.555   married women, said that Hermippus stated in his book abou
Athen_13.589-592 *   her till his death? as Hermippus informs us in the first
Athen_14.619   drinking-parties ; as Hermippus tells us in the sixth
Athen_15.696   was the author, as Hermippus the pupil of Callimachus
DiogLaert_7.184   the Academics. {7} Hermippus relates, that one day, when
DiogLaert_10.2   heog_116-123]. But Hermippus tells us, that he himself was
DiogLaert_10.15   end of the fortnight, Hermippus says that he went into
Phld:Acad_11   is necessary to add what Hermippus recorded in 'On Those Who
Phld:Sto_16   repute, it is written by Hermippus in his book about those
Plut:Mor_849   nth of Pyanepsion. Hermippus tells us that, as he went int

  Hermippus 4   Lysimachus - flute-player, 2nd century B.C.
  + Lysimachus
Athen_14.615 ian, and Theopompus, and Hermippus, surnamed Lysimachus,

  Hermippus 5   - a citizen of Temnus, first century B.C.
60/26 the conviction of Heracleides of Temnus, for defrauding Hermippus.

  Hermippus 6   - author of a book called Phaenomena
Vit:Arat_1 ter with the same name), Hermippus, Hegesianax, 10 Aristop

  Hermippus   - in documents
SEG_44.949 (230-205)   ledges received by] Hermippos and Antisthenes and M
Syll_516 (c. 222)   dokos, granted to (?) Hermippos and Dromeus of Stym
THI_61 (early 2nd cent.)   the agonothetes were Hermippos son of Moschion, Ar
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   the agonothetes were Hermippos son of Moschion, Ari
THI_61.D (173-169)   of Damatrios son of Hermippos was agonothete, and M
THI_64 (263-236)         Hermippos of Elaia the son of
THI_90 (311-306)   n Apollodoros son of Hermippos Leophantos son of Ar

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