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  Herodicus   of Babylon - a grammarian, the pupil of Crates, 2nd century B.C.
Athen_5.215 even taken Delium, as Herodicus the follower of Crates
Athen_5.222 & And sacred Babylon receive Herodicus. For, as Anaxandr
Athen_6.234 called Stelocopas, as Herodicus the pupil of Crates has
Athen_13.586 and respecting Sinope, Herodicus the pupil of Crates say
Athen_13.591 ["Goldfish"]. But Herodicus, in the sixth book of his Ess

  Herodicus   - in documents
Syll_389 (282)   mnos Apemantos son of Herodikos Boys, at the Diony

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