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  Hestia   - Greek goddess of the hearth
Wikipedia entry
200/24b EG_54.1568, a dedication to Hestia on behalf of Euthydemus and Demet
    Within translations:
Athen_11.484    {B} Now by the Hearth-goddess !  {A} Yes, and
OGIS_111   (152-145)   to Hera-Satis and to Hestia-Anoukis and to Dionyso
OGIS_332   (138-133)   m [on the] altar of Hestia Boulaia and Zeus Boulaio
Philoch_22   Tricephalus, along the Hestia way." The full form would
Plut:Mor_836   otection to the altar of Hestia of the senate, only Isocra
POxy_1380   ; at Pephremis Isis, ruler, Hestia, lady of every count
SEG_23.547   (201/0)     [I swear by Hestia and] Idaian Zeus and [Zeu
SEG_54.744   (c. 225-200) is to be offered to Hestia Phamia and to be carried
SEG_61.722.D   (111/0) the Lyttians: I swear by Hestia and Zeus Kretagenes and Zeus
Syll_449   (c. 334/3)   ymn of Aristonoös to Hestia. "We will
Syll_560   (c. 207/6)   s Leukophryene and to Hestia, that this decree may
Syll_624   (183)   and shall crown (?) as for Hestia . . . and shall
Syll_633   (c. 180)   form sacrifices to Hestia Boulaia, praying that the
THI_107   (188-186)   ple. This is the truth, by Hestia Boulaia and the o
THI_114.B   other peoples and towards the Hestia of our people, 10 he
THI_121   (215/4)   ementioned gods and to Hestia and to Apollo Didymeu
THI_182   (229/8) the city shall perform to Hestia Boulaia and to Zeus Boulaios,
THI_210.C3   ((?) c. 250) aque in the temple of Hestia, the friendship and alliance whi

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