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  Hieronymus   of Cardia - Greek historian, early 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
318/1 Antigonus sends Hieronymus to end the siege of Eumenes.
250/27 The death of the historian Hieronymus of Cardia, at the age of 104.
    Within translations:
Athen_5.206 ant of Sicily. And Hieronymus lavishes his admiration on
Athen_5.217 five years; Anaximenes, forty; Hieronymus, twenty-eight.
HierCard_5 .C. [5] [PARADOX.] Hieronymus relates that in the country
Lucian:Macr_11 y-one: so we are told by Hieronymus, who made the campaign
Lucian:Macr_13 in Pontus at eighty-four, as Hieronymus and other writer
Lucian:Macr_22 his Chronology. Hieronymus, who went to war and stood
Plut:Demetr_39 contributions, and left Hieronymus, the historian, govern
Plut:Eum_12 purpose he sent to him Hieronymus, with proposals of pea
Porph:Fr_36 Callinicus, Diodorus, Hieronymus, Polybius, Posidonius,

  Hieronymus 2   of Rhodes - Peripatetic philosopher, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_13.556 tion Socrates. And Hieronymus of Rhodes has cited the decr
Athen_13.557 to women: at all events Hieronymus in his Historical Comm
Athen_13.602 [78.] [602] But Hieronymus the Peripatetic says that
Athen_13.604 have done." [82.] And Hieronymus of Rhodes, in his Hist

  Hieronymus 3   - grandson of Hieron II; king of Syracuse, 215-214 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
215/29 agreed between Hannibal and Hieronymus, the grandson of Hieron.
214/13 Hieronymus sends Zoippus on an embassy to Ptolemy.
214/14 Sosis, a parasite of Hieronymus, persuades him to kill Thrason, anoth
214/15 Hieronymus marries a prostitute called Peitho.
214/16 Atrocities at Syracuse during the brief reign of Hieronymus.
214/17 Hieronymus is assassinated at Leontini.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.251 ook about the tyranny of Hieronymus, that Thrason, who was
Athen_13.577 of Hannibal, says that Hieronymus, the tyrant of Syracus
Schol:Theoc_16 yrant. [After him, Hieronymus the son of Gelon was ruler
Vit:Arat_3 elf relates in his [letter] to Hieronymus. After joining

  Hieronymus   - in documents
Lucill_11.197 197] & { F 79 } & Hieronymus formerly wanted to be too
Syll_419 (270)   Chalkis Athenians: Hieronymos Epidaurians: Laphilos
Syll_482 (269/8)   s: Myaneus Athenians: Hieronymos Dorians in the Pel
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   iphanes of Euonymon Hieronymos of Poros Pythodoros

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