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  Ibycus   of Rhegiuim - Greek poet, 6th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_6.51 rival of Epicharmus, and Ibycus of Rhegium, and the comic
AnthPal_7.714 leafy poplar she laid Ibycus the lover of the lyre, the
AnthPal_9.184 of Simonides, and you, Ibycus, who didst cull the sweet
AnthPal_9.571 voice, Stesichorus and Ibycus shine, Alcman was sweet,
AntipSid_7.745 & { G-P 19 } & Ibycus, the robbers slew you when from
Athen_2.39 of the gods. And Ibycus says that ambrosia is nine times
Athen_4.175 says is an invention of Ibycus of Rhegium, the poet; as
Athen_13.564 ompared with the poem of Ibycus:- & Beauteous Euryalus,
Athen_13.601 diences. [76.] And Ibycus of Rhegium, also, cries out as
Athen_13.603 king, or Alexander." But Ibycus states that Talus was a

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