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  Illyria   - a region to the north of Greece, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea
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  + Illyrian , Illyrians , Illyrica
316/2a Pyrrhus is taken as a baby to the court of Glaucias in Illyria.
314/12 Cassander invades Illyria, and captures Epidamnus.
270/19 between Alexander of Epirus and Mitylus the king of the Illyrians.
231/9 Agron, king of Illyria, sends a force which defeats the Aetolians nea
230/3 The Illyrians seize Phoenice.
230/5 The Illyrians leave Phoenice and enter into alliance with Epirus.
230/8 The Illyrian town of Issa appeals to Rome for help against Teuta.
230/9 anius, a Roman ambassador to Illyria, is murdered by order of Teuta.
230/10 The Romans declare war on the Illyrians.
229/4 The Illyrians attack Epidamnus but fail to capture it.
229/5 The Illyrians capture Corcyra, after defeating an Achaean fleet near
229/6 The Illyrians make a raid on Mothone.
229/13 The Romans capture several Illyrian towns and force Teuta to escape
228/9 The triumph of Fulvius, for his naval victory over the Illyrians.
222/17 The Macedonians recall Antigonus because of an Illyrian invasion.
222/26 Demetrius of Pharus extends his power over the towns of Illyria.
221/15 Antigonus defeats an invading Illyrian army.
220/27 laidas and Demetrius lead an Illyrian fleet in a raid against the isl
219/8 The consuls set out for Illyria.
219/21 The achievements of Paullus in the war against the Illyrians.
219/22 between the Romans and the Illyrians: the end of the Second Illyria
219/30 The triumph of the Roman consuls, over the Illyrians.
218/15 nfairly dividing the booty from Illyria, and Livius is found guilty.
217/46 Philippus invades Illyria.
216/29 abortive naval expedition by Philippus against Illyria.
180/21 L.Duronius accuses the Illyrian king Genthius of encouraging piracy.
172/12 commits suicide after learning of the death of his son in Illyria.
171/19 Cassius attempts to march on Macedonia through Illyria.
169/3 Perseus invades Illyria.
169/4 pts to persuade Genthius the Illyrian king to join him in the war aga
168/10 The praetor L.Anicius arrives in Illyria.
168/14 Anicius captures Genthius, the king of the Illyrians.
168/54 Anicius subdues Illyria and Epirus, and organizes their administratio
167/32 The triumph of Anicius, over Genthius and the Illyrians.
135/2 Roman embassy goes to Illyria to deliver an ultimatum to the Ardiae
135/6 Flaccus attacks the Illyrians.
129/38 CIL_1.652, recording the exploits of Tuditanus in Illyria.
84/19 racians and Illyrians; L.Scipio responds by attacking the Illyrians.
77/22 Cosconius defeats the Illyrians and captures Salonae.
54/5 mands hostages from the Pirustae, after they make a raid on Illyria.
52/57 The Illyrians invade the territory of Tergeste.
47/12 Caesar, is defeated by the Illyrians, and dies soon afterwards
45/43 sar sends Vatinius to exact tribute and hostages from the Illyrians.
44/94 The Illyrians defeat Baebius, an officer of Vatinius.
42/17 The triumph of Vatinius, over the Illyrians.
34/3 out to invade Britain, but returns on hearing of unrest in Illyria.
33/7 the Porticus Octavia, and displays the trophies from Illyria there.
Appian,- APPIAN, Illyrica
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_3.12   abitants of Thessaly, of Illyria, and of Lemnos regard jac
Aelian:NA_5.27   ter. I learn that the goats of Illyria have a solid, not
Apollod:Fr_50   HANUS Byz.] Parthus: a city of Illyria. Apollodorus in [bo
Arrian:Fr_1   beyond Thrace, as far as the Illyrians, Triballians. and
Athen_10.440   Agron, the king of the Illyrians, being delighted at hav
Athen_11.462   persons, also, the place in Illyria is well known which is
Athen_13.557   aving married Audata the Illyrian, he had by her a daughte
Athen_13.560   at the court of Cynnane the Illyrian. [11.] [561] Now,
Athen_14.615   after he had subdued the Illyrians, and brought with him
Ennius:Ann_244   wellings. [244] & War with the Illyrian pirates, 230-228
Ennius:Ann_247-249 *   breasts. [247] & A sea-fight ; Illyrians hard-pressed :
Ennius:Ann_255   (220 B.C.) and Second Illyrian War (219 B.C.) : PRISCIA
FastTr__P   in Campania Parthini An Illyrian tribe, near Dyrrachium
FastTr_p101   nsul, & naval triumph over the Illyrians, 10 k.Quint. (21s
FastTr_p104   king Genthius and the Illyrians, Quirinalia (17th Febru
Festus:Brev_7   Roman people. The Illyrians, who had borne aid to the Mac
FGrH_255.6   ander first defeated the Illyrians, Paeonians and other
Hieron:Chron_1683   successfully against the Illyrians and Thracians, and dest
Hieron:Chron_1852   freedom to the Macedonians, Illyrians, and Galatians.
Julian:Caes_320   bravest of them all, Italians, Illyrians, and Celts. And
Julian:Mis_349   Celts or Thracians or Illyrians? Do you not see what
Just_7.2-6 *   with the Thracians and Illyrians, and, being hardened
Just_9.7   hence to the king of the Illyrians, and was with difficul
Just_11.1   acified, at another the Illyrians, Thracians, Dardanians,
Just_11.9   He excited the Illyrians and Thracians by describing
Just_12.16   one in the war with the Illyrians, the other in the Olymp
Just_13.4   icia. 13 Philon of Illyria was set over the Greater Media;
Just_13.8   together with Pithon of Illyria, and Alcetas, the brother
Just_25.5   wars too with the Illyrians, Sicilians, Romans, and Carth
Just_29.2   Demetrius king of the Illyrians, who had lately been
Just_29.4   while the princes of the Illyrians, sticking close to his
Lucian:Macr_10   dylis, king of the Illyrians, is said to have fought on
NicDam_125.1   beyond the Ionian Sea and the Illyrian peoples. These are
NicDam_130.112   had been appointed praetor for Illyria. [113] So many were
Oros_3.16   and conquered both the Illyrians and the Thracians. 3
Oros_3.23   received Cilicia; Philon, the Illyrians. 8 Atropates was put
Oros_4.13   2 The following year, the Illyrians put to death some Roman
Oros_4.20   the Thracians, Macedonians, and Illyrians, besides many other tribes
Oros_4.20.30   their king Cotys, and the Illyrians united under their king Gentius.
Oros_6.15   8 In Illyria, however, Dolabella, a member of
Oros_6.19   3 Caesar subdued and conquered Illyria, Pannonia, and part of Italy.
Oros_6.21   14 The Noricans, Illyrians, Pannonians, Dalmatians, Moesians,
Oros_7.23   years had been devastating Illyria and Macedonia, and destroyed
Oros_7.29   Africa, and Italy. 9 In Illyria the soldiers proclaimed as their
Oros_7.31   Galatia on his way to Illyria, Jovian withdrew to sleep in
Phylarch_39   omb of Cadmus and Harmonia, in Illyria. [40] & Athen_12.53
Plin:HN_3.101   the city of Dyrrachium in Illyria, a passage of 225 miles.
Plin:HN_3.147   is called Dalmatia and Illyria mentioned above { §139
Plin:HN_3.150   [150] Illyria covers 325 miles in width
Plin:HN_4.79   point where it first enters Illyria it is called the Hister;
Plin:HN_6.217   Thrace, Maedica, Paeonia, Illyria, Dyrrachium, Canusium, the
Plin:HN_6.218   Triballi, the remainder of Illyria, the Adriatic Sea, Aquileia,
Plin:HN_7.149   army funds, rebellion of Illyria, enlistment of slaves, shortage
Plin:HN_7.155   that a certain Dando in Illyria lived 500 years. Xenophon in
Plut:Arat_38   the citadel of Corinth with Illyrian and Gaulish arms.
Plut:Cleom_10   rey to the Aetolians and Illyrians for want of a sufficien
Plut:Cleom_27   all Macedonia. The Illyrians in particular, descending wit
Plut:Cleom_28   had ordered the Illyrians and Acarnanians secretly to
Plut:Demetr_53   named The Slender, by an Illyrian woman; the other was by
Polyaen_4.10.1   war between the Illyrians and Macedonians, many of the
Polyaen_4.11.4   Cassander returned from Illyria, he planted in ambush a
Polyaen_8.60.1   ngagement with the Illyrians, she herself slew their queen
Porph:Fr_41   He defeated the Illyrians and Thracians, conquered Gree
PsCallisth_2.7   in Mesopotamia and the Illyrian land, not to mention the
PsCallisth_3.33   ander appoints Olcias, king of Illyria. And he gives him
Syll_643   (171/0)   ies, [he set Genthios the Illyrian against us, by
Theodorid_9.743   from the spoil of the naked Illyrians. * & Her temple
ValMax_8.13e.7   book on the region of Illyria, affirms, that one Dando lived

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