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  Insubres   - a tribe in Cisalpine Gaul
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  + Insubrian
224/14 The consuls cross the river Po and defeat the Insubres.
223/2 river Po, but their initial attack on the Insubres is unsuccessful.
223/9 Flaminius defeats the Insubres.
222/2 Flaminius celebrates a triumph for his victory over the Insubres.
222/22 captures Mediolanum, the capital of the Insubres, and other cities.
222/25 The Insubres surrender to the Romans; the end of the Gallic War.
221/14 riumph of Marcellus over the Insubres and Germans, in which he carrie
199/13 The Insubres defeat a Roman army under Cn.Baebius.
197/14 Cethegus defeats the Insubres and Cenomani near the river Mincius.
196/9 The consuls defeat the Insubres and Boii in separate battles.
196/18 The triumph of Marcellus, over the Insubres.
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_15.16   mind you that Catius the Insubrian, an Epicurean, who died
DioCass_fr.50   milius on conquering the Insubres celebrated a triumph,
FastTr__I   orthern Illyricum. Insubres A tribe of Gauls, who migrated
FastTr_p101   proconsul, & over the Insubrian Gauls and the Germans,
FastTr_p102   Marcellus, consul, & over the Insubrian Gauls, 4 non.Mart
Hieron:Chron_king   birth he was an Insubrian Gaul (some say that he came
Oros_4.13   the many towns of the Insubres that he forced to surrender,
Oros_4.20   At the same time the Insubres, the Boii, and the Cenomani
Plin:HN_3.124   Laus Pompeia and the Insubres Mediolanum. According to Cato,
Plin:HN_3.125   have been destroyed by the Insubres, Boii and Senones on the

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