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  Istria   - a region on the north-east coast of the Adriatic Sea
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  + Histri , Histrians , Istri , Istrian , Istrians
221/23 The consuls subdue the Istrians.
178/3 Manlius attacks the Istrians; he is saved from an ambush by the bravery
178/9 provinces of Sardinia and Istria are allotted to the new consuls.
177/2 Claudius completes the conquest of Istria.
177/9 audius celebrates a double triumph, over the Istrians and Ligurians.
33/14 Octavianus founds more Roman colonies, including Pola in Istria.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_14.25 ople hunt fish. An Istrian whose trade is fishing drives
Aelian:NA_15.12 and main. In the Istrian Sea,* as it is called, these
CIL_1.652 triumph over the Iapydes of Istria. Saturnians. On two
Ennius:Ann_387 uced the tale of how two Histrians during a siege burst
Ennius:Ann_388 to the end of the Istrian War & & L & [390] & Prologue
Ennius:Ann_* 397-400 * ng, skilled in war [397] & The Istrian War, 178-7 B.C. FES
Ennius:Ann_409 came flying as the Histrians cast the spears from their
Ennius:Ann_418 him. [418] & The Istrians prevail, and feast in the Roma
FastTr__I near Mediolanum (Milan) Istri Inhabitants of Istria, on
FastTr_p103 Pulcher, consul, & over the Istri and Ligurians, k.Inte
Festus:Brev.3 As for Illyricum, Histri, Libyrni, and Dalmatae were mast
Just_9.2 ressed by a war with the Istrians, sought aid from Philipp
Just_32.3 ricum, and, after spoiling the Istrians, settled in Pannon

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